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About CR Companions

Companions of the Community of the Resurrection (CCR), who may be either male or female (single, partnered or married), are people who live away from the Community but share the Charism of the Community. In particular they:    

  • live the baptismal vocation of all Christians through a commitment to each community to which they belong and to the Community of the Resurrection
  •  make a commitment to Eucharistic worship, corporate and private prayer and the use of the sacrament of reconciliation according to conscience
  • make a commitment of time, talents and money.

Those who wish to be Companions keep their commitments for at least a year before being admitted and thereafter, with all Companions, renew their commitment each year. The key requirements for Companions to fulfil the above include:  

  • using the Mirfield "Simple Office" at the same time as CR or with a local CR group; praying with their local church; praying with other Christian groups; Bible reading, meditation and other study 
  • praying regularly for their communities, supporting the CR family by using the CR Intercession leaflet and by making the Community and its Companions their special intention at the Eucharist once a month 
  • proclaiming the death and resurrection of Christ, not only in words but in every aspect and action of their daily lives; taking every opportunity to show God’s love and compassion to his world and to work for justice and the coming of the kingdom.  

The Mirfield "Simple Office" books are available from the CR Shop

Accordingly, individual Companions should at all times have the following objectives in mind:  

  • to follow Christ
  • to deepen their discipleship of Christ
  • to serve the church in the place where they live
  • to understand the mystery of the Resurrection in their lives
  • to bring a dimension of the Religious Life into their Christian world.

The short answer to the question “What does being a Companion mean?” is “Following Christ but with added dimensions”.  

For further details, please see the Companions Leaflet.

After consultation with Companions, a "Guide for Companions" was published in July 2010, updating the previous Companions "Rule". This document may be accessed here.  

From Fr John Gribben CR Easter 2014:

"I felt very moved at the Festival Day last year when commitment cards of Companions were placed on the altar. Please remember that the Rule is not a set of regulations to be checked and ticked off. It is a sign of our desire to love God and to serve His world and we do that the the best of our ability. Nobody is thrown out of the Companions for being unable to keep all of their Rule. If age, infirmity or circumstance means that you have to limit your obligations don't feel that you have ceased to be a Companion - go on praying for us and we will go on praying for you".

A letter from a CR Companion (July 2011) 

Companions Council

A small number of Companions serve on the "Companions Council". This meets at least twice a year to help plan future events for Companions and to relay feedback from Companions to the Community. 

History of the Companions (formerly called the "Fraternity")

Grateful  thanks to Linda Blenkinship and Fr Philip Atherton for the above. A folder containing these accounts plus copies of material from the time and individual histories on specific branches is available in the Companions' Office at the Community of the Resurrection.

The Companions Office at Mirfield Linda at work on the Companions database