The following was distributed by Fr Nicholas at the start of the pilgrimage...

Canterbury Pilgrimage

Canterbury is important to us for a whole lot of reasons:

As we make our pilgrimage today we do so as Anglicans, in the English Catholic tradition. We are part of a great stream of Christians who have renewed their faith over the centuries by visiting this place.

We remember too that Christian life is a journey - from death of the sinful man into life eternal; from sin to repentance; from darkness to light. Our journey is sometimes physical, moving from place to place; sometime spiritual as we journey into a deeper awareness of our Christian vocation.

At the same time, Christian life is never simply "spiritual" in the sense of being non-bodily. God took on flesh and made the human experience part of salvation. So we can enjoy being together, to eat, to drink, to sing, to make "holy day". pilgrimage should be fun, as well as serious, prayerful and thoughtful.

For us Companions of the Resurrection we could remember the two disciples walking on the road to Emmaus. They met the risen Jesus and even though they did not recognise him "our hearts burned within us as he expounded to us the Scriptures".

Let us pray that, in some form, that will happen to us today.