Questions posed at CCR Annual Day 2009 and responses garnered


At the annual Companions and Associates Day held at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield on 4 July, 2009, those in attendance were divided into nine groups, each group being facilitated by a member of the Summer School which was taking place either side of that day.

Three questions were posed by Fr Oswin to each group for discussion:  

  1. What are some of the joys of being a Companion?
  2. What opportunities do you foresee in the current changes to further the calling of the whole CR family?
  3. What may be lost and how can this loss be made good?

The groups were asked to record their responses to these questions on flipchart paper and what follows is a collation of the contents of these flipchart pages.  

Some of the joys of being a Companion  

 Opportunities to further the calling  

 What may be lost  

 Transcribed by Kevin Sims 4 July, 2009