100 years ago: Protestant flak for Mirfield

The Church Times, May 17th, 1907

The Church Times.

Kensitite Protestants disrupted a fund-raising meeting on behalf of the Mirfield Fathers’ university hostel in Leeds, and handed out pamphlets declaring “Englishmen to Arms! Refuse to subscribe One Penny to this Monkery!”

THE Mirfield Community of the Resurrection held, on Monday last, an important meeting at the Church House, Westminster, with the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Chair. It is a great gain to the Community that its work has received the Primate’s high sanction as among the agencies which are striving to supply the lack of ministers for the Church’s service. We are not sure that his Grace chose the most fitting moment to point out what he considered to be defects in the Community’s methods, but the Superior not only showed no resentment, but actually welcomed the Archbishop’s statement that he would bring the members into line with the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England. We are quite sure, however, that the dignity of the Chair ought to have been more strongly upheld. The meeting was not convened for the purpose of considering whether the Community is or is not a society of a particular colour, but in order to obtain increased support for an institution that has proved its usefulness. Interruption of such a meeting ought never to have been tolerated, and we are quite sure that a noisy intruder at a meeting — shall we say? — of the Bible Society would have received short shrift, and justly so. Apparently it is only a meeting of Catholics that has to submit to the indignity of being interrupted by fanatics.

(This reprint appeared in issue no 7523 of the Church Times dated 18 May 2007)