Canon Andrew Nunn


Mrs Vanessa Dixon  

2017 Meetings:

  • 22 July - Pual Parkinson will speak about "Faith and Fabric"

  • 16 September - Eucharist - Celebrant and Preacher: The Very Revd Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark Cathedral

  • 18 November - speaker: Lettice Buxton

Many thanks indeed to Vanessa for the regular updates of activities at CR Companions' London Group meetings. In anticipation of this website being subsumed into the main CR website, reports from recent (2017) meetings are no longer shown here but the London group actively continues and your continued (or new, or renewed) support is encouraged.  

From previous meetings:

  • On 12 November around ten people attended the meeting, including two visiting members of the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius. William Cooper-Bailey gave a most interesting lecture on the Venerable Bede, which opened ours eyes to the breadth of his writings. A handout from the talk is here

  • 29 people attended the Festival Day at Southwark Cathedral on 17 September. Around half the attendees had a CR connection. The remainder were drawn from a variety of church networks and included members of the United Reformed Church and the Salvation Army. All those who commented on the day were extremely appreciative of Fr Iain McKillop's talks on the theme of 'Trusting the Unseen'. A summary of the text of his lectures is here  

  • Eleven Companions and friends of CR met on 16 July at Southwark Cathedral. We enjoyed a fascinating talk by Paul Shaw, who updated us on his latest researches on Bishop Gore, with a particular emphasis on his work in the (then newly formed) Diocese of Birmingham. It was most informative and we all hoped that Paul would publish the material. He said that it is likely to appear in a historical journal in due course.

  • On 7 May a well-attended meeting of Companions and friends heard Letty Buxton give an excellent talk entitled 'George Herbert: Faith and Poetry

  • Around ten Companions took part in the excellent Advent 2015 Meditation conducted for us by the Dean of Southwark, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn. CR Companion Otto Fisher was with us on that day and we were greatly saddened to hear of his death on 2 February 2016. For any who may not know him, here is a photograph of Otto taken at the CR Festival Day held at Southwark Cathedral in 2012. Plans have changed for 27 February: we will be running the Quiet Day originally planned for 2015 (details here). The talk by Letty Buxton will now take place on 7 May.

  • Around eight Companions gathered on 19 September to hear an excellent talk on the Psalms given by William Cooper-Bailey. Before his talk William encouraged us to sing a mid-day Office, which was accomplished under his excellent guidance. He then gave a fascinating presentation with informative handouts on the history of Cantica Divina, themes in the Psalms, imagery for Christians to be found in the Psalms and useful reading lists. 

  • On 18 July a dozen Companions and friends met for a Eucharist in the lovely Harvard Chapel at Southwark Cathedral. We were most grateful to the Dean, Fr. Andrew Nunn, for giving up part of his day off to celebrate and preach a homily for us and be with us at our meeting. After the Eucharist we met in the Queen Elizabeth Room over a cup of tea. We exchanged news and happy reports on recent Companions events at Walsingham and Mirfield. Johanna Raffan then told us about the newly formed Society of the Resurrection and how she had come to be a probationer in the Society (while remaining a Companion too).

  • Companions and friends of CR met on Saturday 16 May in the Chapter Room of Southwark Cathedral. We were treated to an excellent illustrated talk given by Charles Relle. The subject was the windows of Sens Cathedral in Burgundy . Charles brought to our attention all sorts of fascinating details drawn out of the Parable of the Good Samaritan. He thoughtfully supplied individual handouts depicting the window concerned. The re was much symbolism to be discovered and I think we all realised that we so often fail to see the detail in stained glass when visiting churches and cathedrals.

  • On 17 January Paul Shaw gave a fascinating illustrated talk about  the life and times of Mother Magdalene Taylor, Foundress of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God. Paul is the Archivist at the Community's convent in Brentford. He spoke about Mother Magdalene's roots in the Tractarian Movement, her humble origins, her connection with various well known London churches and her time spent nursing in the Crimea with Florence Nightingale. Paul has previously arranged a visit to the convent in Brentfrod for CR Companions and would be happy to do so again if there is sufficient interest.

  • Southern Companions Day - Saturday 4 October. Forty Companions, Oblates and friends of CR attended a Regional Day meeting at Southwark Cathedral. The theme was 'Journeys' and this was addressed in a variety of ways. The Rt. Revd. Mark Sowerby, Bishop of Horsham, gave a talk entitled 'Little More Be Done'. He delivered a moving account of his personal journey. He had been brought up in an atmosphere in which ecumenism was very important, in particular a deep desire for greater unity with Rome . This had become more personal when he was a sixth former at St. Aidan's Church of England School in Harrogate , which collaborated with St. John Rigby Roman Catholic School nearby. The students did everything together but when it came to Communion the RC students were led away down the road. On one occasion a rumpus was triggered when the Bishop said, "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord". The full weight of anger fell on the RC Bishop, Gordon Wheeler, who said "Never forget how angry you feel today. You're right to be angry. Use the rest of your Christian lives to make sure that it doesn't have to be like this". Bishop Mark went on to say that there is a deep sense that we belong together but the goal of unity is a moving target. After the first women were ordained he had immediately encouraged his PCC to pass all three Resolutions but would probably take a different line now. Later he had become Assistant Director of Ordinands and then Selections Officer with the responsibility for encouraging both men and women to discern what it was that God was encouraging them to do. He had worked in congregations with mixed opinions but couldn't give personal assent to something that was forcing the Church of England further away from the Church Catholic. It was clear that a majority had received the development within the CofE and the first woman Bishop would soon be ordained. We will have arrived but where will we be? Thinking back to the school, was this a failure? Were we on parallel lines never to meet? Bishop Mark concluded by saying that the last junction of the journey he was on was a T junction, where he could choose to fight the war on a new front or give up the cause as it appeared there was nothing more to do. However, perhaps it was a roundabout that you could keep circling whilst calculating your proper exit? At noon the Eucharist was celebrated in the Cathedral and the Dean, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, gave a homily on traveling light. In the afternoon Fr John Gribben CR spoke about 'Defense Against the Dark Arts -- Christian Content in Harry Potter'. Fr John had a huge enthusiasm for the Harry Potter stories. He said it was a great shame that Bishop Anselm Genders CR had railed against them without ever having read them! He explained to those who hadn't read the books that they were stories about a boarding school for wizards, who had their own ways of doing ordinary things, even though some of them couldn't use a washing machine or telephone. Part of the charm of the books was the colourful characters, such as Hermione the 'swot' or Ron, who was lazy and felt he couldn't live up to his Brothers' achievements. It was a mistake to think that Harry Potter is supposed to be a Christ figure, although in the final book ('Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows') he lays down his life for his friends. The books are not a metanarrative of the Gospel, as are C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia. However, the books are strongly influenced by J.K. Rowling's Christian faith and are a beautiful read, containing strong themes of the battle between good and evil. The ir overall message is that love will prevail in the end. After his talk, Fr. John gave a brief update on news of the Community. The day was rounded off with tea and cake, followed by Choral Evensong. Photographs below (click on an individual picture to see a larger image)


  • On Saturday 19 July seven Companions enjoyed a fascinating tour of Southwark Cathedral, led by David Payne, the Cathedral's Visitors' Officer.

  • The CCR London Group met on Saturday 15 March for the second part of John Cumins' talk about his pilgrimage by public transport around all the cathedrals of the Canterbury Province. It was a fascinating talk, well illustrated with detailed photographs and it inspired us all to go out and visit more of these magnificent places of worship. Unfortunately, the meeting was poorly attended, which was a pity, especially for our speaker. We have taken the sad decision to cancel our May meeting as most of us present on Saturday were not going to be able to manage that date, so the next meeting at Southwark will be on Saturday 19 July. Paul Shaw has kindly offered to arrange another visit to the RC convent where he works as Archivist. It is the Congregation of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God. It is located at Brentford and can be reached by train from Waterloo. Please let Vanessa know if you are interested in a visit. Also, please remember to book for the Regional Day at Southwark Cathedral on 4 October.

  • On 18 January, 2014 a small group met in the John Trevor Williams Room at Southwark Cathedral to hear a fascinating talk by John Cumins, CR Companion and Reader at St. Mary Magdalene, Gillingham. John made a sponsored pilgrimage in 2009 around all the cathedrals of the Canterbury Province. He came up with the idea after the lead was repeatedly stolen from his church's roof. A great deal of money had to be raised, so a sponsored fundraising effort was needed. He also raised funds for a charity working in Zambia. The support of the Bishop of Tonbridge was very helpful in making contact with cathedrals and arranging a welcome for John on arrival. His experience was very varied and part one of his illustrated talk took us as far as Hereford, via Truro! The church of St. Mary Magdalene, Gillingham received its new roof in due course: it is now made of stainless steel rather than lead. This is fine, except that the pigeons walking on it sound as though they are wearing hobnailed boots! Part two of John's talk will be in the same room on Saturday 15 March.

  • On 21 September, 2013 about a dozen of us met for a Eucharist for St. Matthew's Day. It was celebrated by our Chaplain, Fr Andrew Nunn. Dean of Southwark Cathedral, who also gave a short homily and kindly brewed tea for us afterwards, complete with biscuits! We are very grateful for the hospitality we receive at Southwark Cathedral. We enjoyed our informal meeting and discussion ranging over various topics of interest.

  • On 6 July, 2013 a select few members of the London group met in the Education Centre at Southwark Cathedral. Fr. David Warner gave a fascinating illustrated talk on 'Form, Function and Space in the Coronation Service'. The talk brought home to us just what a unique event our Coronation service is. Fr. David spoke in particular about the 1953 Coronation. The service was a Eucharist but only five people received Communion. The Anointing was a very solemn part of the service which the cameras were not permitted to film. He also explained the garments worn by the Queen, which are very similar to priestly vestments. None of the other European monarchies hold anything remotely like our Coronation service. The talk raised a number of questions and interesting discussion, leading to some speculation as to what a future Coronation might be like.

  • On 4 May, 2013 Valerie Hughes, a regular member of the group, conducted a meditation with music, which was much appreciated by all those who attended.

  • On Saturday 2 March, 2013 a joint Quiet Day was held at Southwark Cathedral for both CR Companions and CSMV Oblates. The day was conducted by the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark and Chaplain to the London Group of CR Companions. The theme of the meditations was 'Looking to Jesus' and the event was much appreciated by all participants.

  • 14 Companions and Friends met at Southwark Cathedral on 3 November 2012 to hear a talk by Paul Shaw on Bishop Charles Gore, Founder of CR. We were also joined by two lady academics who were interested in the subject. Paul had done some recent travelling in pursuit of his researches on Bishop Gore, so his talk was 'hot off the press'! He explained how Gore's theological approach particularly appealed to him. He was 'blue-blooded' and yet radical, drawn to catholic religion from an early age. As a student he read every possible book and he had a strong social conscience. Paul took us through Gore's life, stage by stage. Gore "stood for the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God", he concluded. Photographs below (click on an individual picture to see a larger image)

  • CR Companions’ Regional Day at Southwark Cathedral, 22 September, 2012: Around 45 CR Companions and friends met at Southwark Cathedral.  After coffee and a brief welcome session there was an illustrated talk entitled ‘Art: Spirit and Flesh’, given by Fr. Charles Pickstone, Vicar of St. Laurence Catford.  Fr. Charles pointed out that Christianity does not have much theology of the body. His talk ranged from the cosmic to the intimate. “If you take the body seriously your theology can be opened up”, he concluded. He is at present writing a book on the same subject as his talk, so we await its publication with interest. At midday there was a Mass of the Resurrection in the Cathedral during which Shirley Wilson was admitted as a CR Companion. The Dean, Fr. Andrew Nunn, preached the homily. After the service, lunch was served back in the library. The afternoon talk was given by Fr. Richard Coles, parish priest of Finedon, musician and journalist. His lively presentation gave a fascinating insight into the world of the media, including his experience as a presenter of ‘Saturday Live’ on Radio 4. He pointed out that the interviews he conducts are not like pastoral conversations. Not everyone in the audience was convinced by his assertion that venturing onto ‘Twitter’ was a worthwhile exercise! An interesting observation was that the media hate people trying to be good! The day concluded with a cup of tea and a brief opportunity to catch up with each other before going our separate ways. The Order of Service is here. Photographs below (click on an individual picture to see a larger image)

  • London Companions and others enjoyed a splendid pilgrimage to Mirfield over the last weekend in May 2012 (photograph at top of page, right). 

  • London based Companions met on Saturday 5 May 2012. The meeting was very well attended. There were 14 of us! Margaret Munns and Shirley Wilson gave a presentation on their recent Atlantic voyage and brought us some colourful maps so we could see the route they'd taken. Amongst other things we learnt that SAGA stands for 'Send a Granny Abroad'!! They called at Funchal, Santa Cruz , Tenerife, Bridgetown Barbados and onto to many Caribbean islands, including some that had been connected with the slave trade. Shirley was able to visit the grave of a great niece, buried on the island of Tortola . The ship's chaplain was the Revd Canon Michael Bordeaux. He had a time when he was available for conversation every morning and when he found out that Margaret and Shirley were a Reader and a Pastoral Assistant he immediately asked them to assist with Sunday worship. The sea was very rough at times, making the administration of the chalice very challenging, so it was necessary to hang onto a chair with one hand but no consecrated wine was split. Fellow passengers would sometimes begin to talk at meals etc. about their involvement with their local church, perhaps supporting a roof appeal, even if they didn't actually attend! Chaplains are usually only brought onto cruise ships on the longer voyages (this one was five and a half weeks). They are not paid but receive a free cruise, as does their spouse. Perhaps more retired clergy should take up this opportunity? After the presentation there was a lively discussion on the importance of chaplains in all sorts of spheres of life

  • London Companions met on 4 February 2012 and our speaker was the Rev Roxanne Franklin Hunte. She gave us a very interesting account of her time at the College of the Resurrection. Hers was the third year in which women students were admitted, so this was still quite a new phenomenon. There were various factors which made a theological education at Mirfield distinctive. The presence of the Community gave an added dimension and she had fond memories of going to Sunday afternoon tea with the Brethren. The discipline of attending the Daily Office was of very great value. It was not 'optional' at Mirfield as at some other theological colleges! This discipline is continues in the parish - even when the priest is alone - and the bell is rung so that people know they are being prayed for. The main message of the talk was that we should all find out who or what it is that God is calling us to do and to be and then we should get on with it! A lively discussion followed. Photographs (courtesy of Jean Pailing) below (lick on an individual picture to see a larger image).


  • On 5 November 2011 Jean Pailing gave us a fascinating illustrated talk entitled 'Explore Iran' ('Explore' being the name of the travel company who organised her trip). She even brought some of her fellow travellers to the meeting. We learnt about the beauties of Isfahan the 'Paris' of Iran, what one has to wear to visit a shrine on an Islamic pilgrimage day, how Iranians love picnics and enjoy sharing them, the mysteries of Zoroastrian sky burials and many other excitements!

  • We were most grateful to Canon Bruce Saunders, Canon Pastor of Southwark Cathedral, for celebrating the Eucharist for us on Saturday 3 September 2011

  • Photographs from wine tasting evening 10 June 2011 (plus list of arias and accompanying wines)

  • On 4th June 2011 William Cooper-Bailey, one of our regular supporters, gave a fascinating talk on 'Living Life with the Ealry Church Communities'. He gave a history of the way in which Christian Communities had developed from the time of the Early Church through to the present day. We learnt about important figures such as Anthony the Great, Pachomius, John Cassian and Benedict. William supplied his audience with a rich variety of colourful handouts and has given us much material and suggestions for further reading. He even supplied sayings of the Desert Fathers for us to study on our train home! William is happy to speak to other groups interested in similar subjects.

  • The speaker at our meeting on 5 February 2011 was Mrs. Maggie McNie, who is a Franciscan tertiary and a Master of Wine. She gave a fascinating overview of the history of Franciscans. None of us knew that Christopher Columbus and Robert the Bruce were Franciscan tertiaries! She went on to speak about Anglican Franciscans in particular. Until the last 20 years or so, individual tertiaries were encouraged to keep their calling fairly private but now the thinking on this has changed and they have to meet with others. CR Companions found some interesting parallels, although there are differences too. Maggie has offered to support the CR Church Appeal with a fundraising wine tasting. We hope to be able to advertise this very soon.

  • London Companions and friends met on Saturday, 4 September 2010  for a celebration of the Eucharist, in the course of which our Chaplain, Fr. Andrew Nunn, led a 'homily with a difference', i.e. a Bible Study on the parable of the Prodigal Son. This was very interesting and we learnt about how this parable links with those which precede it in Luke Chapter 15, the lost sheep and the lost coin, where there are themes concerning being lost in the wilderness and being lost at home

  • Update July 2010: Fr Richard Coles has ceased to be the group's chaplain due to the pressure of other commitments. Canon Andrew Nunn has kindly offered to take on this role instead. Unfortunately, Dr. Ken Little was unable to speak to us as planned due to illness, but we hope to be able to re-arrange his talk in the future. Instead of the talk we watched a DVD about the Oberammergau Passion Play and had an impromptu discussion about it. Fortunately this went down well!

  • Report of "Heavenly Banquet" concert held on 30 April 2010 and CCR London Group meeting held the following day

  • Report of meeting 6 February 2010, including a summary of the points arising from discussion of the Draft Companions’ Rule.  

  • Report of meeting 7 November 2009, including Fr Nicolas' resume of how Companions can reflect the Community's characteristics

  • Sermon preached by the Rev Canon Andrew Nunn at the September 2009 meeting of the CCR London Group. Subject: The Companions' Rule

  • Report of meeting 2 May, 2009, including notes on the talk by Geoff Dignum on The Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Text of the talk given by Fr James Lawson at the meeting on 7 March, 2009. Subject: Charles Gore and the founding of the Community of the Resurrection

  • A copy of the address given by the Rev Canon Andrew Nunn to the 2009 inaugural meeting of the reformed London CCR local group is available here

  • Photographs from the meeting held at Southwark Cathedral on 31 January 2009.