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September 2017

*NEW* From Mark Nov CR: "Greetings from a somewhat inclement Mirfield on this feast of St Michael and All Angels. May you know his intercession for strengthening and defence on all sides in these testy days of our time. Things are continuously busy for us at CR but it is sustained by putting on love and prayer as far as we are able in all things. I was privileged last week to be able to host a pilgrimage weekend for Vanessa Dixon et al from churches around the Orpington area. This was a packed, albeit extremely enjoyable programme and I felt thankful to be entrusted with its running by the Prior. All went well; thank you for the supportive thanks from those good people. Jacob CR and I are giving some talks to a Quiet Day in Sheffield tomorrow; George is about to return from three weeks in Italy and Nicolas comes back from his latest time in Zimbabwe on Sunday and begins leading IGR participants from Monday morning. All very worthwhile ministry. In addition, the new Ordinands seem to be settling in and making a lovely contribution to the Church in this place and her singing psalms to God! The inter-novitiate conference on Anglican Religious Life’s history now seems a long time ago for Fabian and myself. Indeed, it is only a fortnight until we welcome the members of CLARC (Religious Community Leaders) here for their annual conference. To paraphrase the common parlance... only nine more weeks of Ordinary Time left before Advent! Love and prayers, Marc, Novice CR"

It has been quite a busy time for the Brethren. The IGRs in August were again well attended, led by Nicolas CR, Oswin CR and Maggie Jackson. It is such a joy to see many who keep returning - they obviously value what they receive and, for those coming for the first time, it was truly a worthwhile experience and we hope they will become ‘regulars’ to future IGRs. While some Brethren have been away on holiday or conferences, the number of guests in the Retreat House and visitors to the House continues to increase. This week we welcomed the First Professed Conference, a group of 9 Religious from six different communities; while most of their meals were taken in the New Refectory, there was an opportunity for them to join us over breakfast and dinner on St Matthew’s Day. This coming weekend we shall welcome back again a parish group from Orpington. This group is organised by Companion Vanessa Dixon and the weekend will be led by Br Marc n/CR assisted by Fr Antony CR, Fr Crispin CR, Fr Dennis CR and Br Philip CR. On Saturday Br Steven CR will be taking part in a day conference for those exploring or interested in the Religious Life. This will be held at St John the Divine, Kennington.

August 2017 From Mark Nov CR: "Hello to all Companions and supporters et al of CR. I do hope you’re finding some time to enjoy the hit-and-miss days of sunshine we are being graced with this August. Several Brethren are away: Nicolas and Jacob are in Germany at the conference of Inter-Religious, which hopefully will give them time to apply some of their recently studied German! John CR is holidaying at his Brother’s house in France and Oswin has gone to spend some time with his Mother; they’re off to Llandudno. I have just come back from seeing the family in the East Riding and am busy assisting in the sacristy and preparing some talks to give at the end of September. There will be a Quiet Day for me to lead at the start of September for a parish in Manchester Diocese before the next Internovitiate conference in Oxford. I am looking forward to a nice day out with my Mum and Sister - and ten-week-old niece possibly - in York next Thursday. It is St. Aidan’s day - and my birthday - so a trip to God’s own County Town seems entirely politic! I hope you are booked on to the Companions’ Study Days 4-8 September with Fr. Iain McKillop. I understand he is a gifted teacher, so it should be very elucidating. God’s blessing to you all". Marc Novice CR
uly 2017

From Fr Nicolas CR: "We are now drawing near to the end of Chapter. As usual we had a retreat for a week which was very nice. Canon Michael Sadgrove, former Dean of Durham conducted it and he was wonderful. He spoke about particular psalms and did so with a light touch but much profit. Once Chapter is over we start travelling again. A few go off on holiday. Guests come flocking in. We have an Individually Guided Retreat which Oswin and Nicolas will be directing, with some outside help. That is full. It is interesting how our Individually Guided retreats are always full these days. We are putting on an extra one next year to take up the waiting lists we have. Then Jacob and Nicolas go off to Germany for a congress of Religious. This will be held in a Benedictine house of Lutheran sisters near Wurzburg. They are a very interesting community, started just after the Second World War. We expect about 60 participants from Anglican, Lutheran, Reformed, Catholic and Orthodox backgrounds. Despite the different languages and churches we get on well because we are all religious. We all swim in the same ancient river of monastic life and that helps to put our differences in perspective. I hope everyone who came enjoyed the Festival weekend. It was very good to see our friends again though there is always the frustration of not having a enough time to talk properly. No doubt some of you will be here over the summer". Nicolas CR

From Fr John CR: "Dear Friends and Companions. I thought that by now I would be sending this message via the new Companion’s page on our website but if there is a means of doing so I have not found it. I could send it as a tweet, a blog or a sermon but I’m not sure that any of those would be appropriate and as I am still in retreat I can’t call for anyone to help me so I am sending it in the usual way. Like I said I am on retreat (with the other Brethren) and it is wonderful. So far the weather has been glorious, the only rain being during the night. Despite a bad knee I have managed to do a bit of running. I keep being surprised by the beauty on my own doorstep. The retreat addresses by Fr Michael Sadgrove have been excellent. He has used the psalms for the morning in our daily office - beautiful, mystical and practical. During the retreat I am not doing normal work but I do look at e-mails and try to answer some to avoid having to deal with a mountain when the retreat is over. I want to thank everyone who supported the Festival weekend by their presence and prayer and other assistance. I was a weekend to remember. The happiness was evident in all who came. Each of the services left me feeling blessed and full of gratitude. Needless to say I was exhausted when it was all over. We thank God for the new Companions and for all the Companions who continue to remain faithful to the Good News of the Resurrection. I am not working on the Auction during the retreat (you might find that hard to believe) but the catalogue has about 70 lots with about 20 lots still to be recorded. With over 11 months still to go this bodes well for a good auction. In each of the others we ended up with about 400 lots. There are several more items already promised. Please keep us in mind. The retreat ends on Monday at Matins and then we will be back to the business of General Chapter. Tomorrow we will have a solemn requiem Mass when we will pray for all past members of the Community. At the end of the Mass we go in procession to the cemetery and this year I will be thinking especially of the Fathers whose stories I have been researching in connection with WWI. Frs. Freestone, Hill and Victor will no longer be just names on a list - I almost feel that I have known them. On Saturday we celebrate the feast of St Mary Magdalene (22 July). The Community has a special affection for her. She was the first ‘companion’ of the Resurrection. Then comes St James’ Day on 25 July when we commemorate the founding of the Community 125 years ago: "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us looking to Jesus". Love and prayers. John CR

From Thomas CR "We are in the middle of our retreat led by the former dean of Durham, Michael Sadgrove, who is talking about the Psalms. It is some years since a retreat giver commented on the Psalms so it is good to hear these. The weather is perfect - warm sunny with a gentle breeze and so Brethren and our Oblate Clark are able to make use of the grounds well; the quiet garden has had three in at one time. Rhubarb, gooseberries and blackcurrants are feeding us from the garden, even if the dry winter and summer are leading to reduced volume on the trees. There is still plenty to look forward to. I missed the rehallowing of the church last weekend, being at General Synod, although everyone here says it was wonderful and that Bishop Graham preached and blessed everything to the manner born; I met him when he returned to Synod and he had clearly enjoyed himself; the blessings of having a chauffeur. As so often is the case at Synof, it was a delight to meet new people and have some very good conversations with people I would not normally meet. I wish you a happy  summer". Thomas CR 

"Greetings to our Companions and supporters; it is a blessing and a real support to feel your prayers and continuing friendship for us in this mysterious place. The work goes on as we have less than a week now to go before the three great days begin. No you haven’t missed the Paschal Triduum - I speak about our festival weekend beginning this Friday afternoon with a gathering for Companions. I am in Residence with Br. Jacob this week and see that many of you are listed to join us for what promises to be an exciting time with the re-hallowing of the Community Church by Bishop Graham of Norwich and opportunities to find out more about our longer term plans for the future of the CR site. Three of the Brothers from Trier St. Matthias will be with us and I am particularly excited about seeing Simeon and Athanasius again, whom I first met when we were with them in December. I trust they will have a happy visit. Before all that, we’re hosting three visitors for a ‘Monastic Taster’ week. Please hold them in prayer - one gentleman is enquiring with us (thinking of testing a vocation), so will need your intercession. Pray also for my newly born niece who is ten days old tomorrow (Tues 4th). She is called Iris, weighed 8lbs 9oz and is absolutely exquisite. She is my sister’s third child, so I am very proud of her little family indeed. Phew, roll on August when I believe I’m scheduled another holiday. I spent last week on a guided retreat here but at this rate will need another one sooner rather than later! It’s all good fun!  God be with you all". Marc NovCR 

June 2017

From Fr John CR "Dear Companions and Friends, I hope that you are all well and enjoying the fine summer weather. Mirfield is beautiful at the moment. We are about to celebrate two major feasts this week. Friday – the Heart of Jesus – gives us the opportunity to rejoice in the humanity of Jesus who knew what it was like to live as a man so that he can take all our joys and all our sorrows into the loving communion of the Trinity. Bishop Timothy Rees wrote a hymn in response to WWI which contained the verse: And when human hearts are aching under sorrow's iron rod, there they find the self-same aching deep within the heart of God. On Saturday we keep the Birthday of John the Baptist who preached a Gospel of repentence. People came to him ‘confessing their sins’. It is always good to remember that confession is the first step to accepting the Good News. Oswin is on a Novice Guardian’s conference, Marc is on an Individually Guided Retreat, Fabian is about to go to Walsingham and many of our students are preparing for their ordination. Pray that in all this the Holy Spirit will pour out his gifts on them and through them. On Sunday 25 June we will be having a fun day for the neighbourhood and we hope that lots of children will come and have a good day. One week later I will be running with the ‘Pew Runners’ of St Peter’s Church, Huddersfield to raise money for new pew runners (if you want to donate see My big news is that we have a date! The auction will be held (dv) on 23rd June 2018. We are off to a good start with items which the auctioneer reckons would raise about £3,000. Given that we have twelve months to go £10,000 is not beyond our reach £20,000 is not beyond our dreams, with the help of God anything is achievable. As you may have guessed I enjoy the auctions. When I set out my object was to raise £10,000. I think so far we have raised about £170,000 and it has been a tremendous experience. Of course much of it was due to the skill and wisdom of the auctioneer and he can’t wait for the next one. Many other people enjoyed it – brethren, students, staff and a host of Companions and supporters without whose hard work and enthusiasm the whole project would have failed. Yet it isn’t just about fun. CR needs money to keep the works going at Mirfield and to fulfil the hopes and vision of a future to the glory of God and the service of the Gospel. So please join me in one more adventure. Many of you have made donations on several occasions and I can’t ask you for more but everyone can help by making the auction known to others. Someone you know may be downsizing, emptying a house or a flat or trying to dispose of a loved one’s jewellery. Please try to remember Mirfield. Finally I want to thank Kevin who over the years has distributed the Companions letter. I think that next time I write it will be via the new website for which we will all receive our instructions with the next CR Quarterly. With every blessing, John CR"

From Fr Thomas CR "We have been enjoying some lovely weather here - a bit warm for some, though not for me. It is wonderful to have such sunshine and temperatures coming close to 30C. The grounds look splendid, even if plants seem to double in size when you turn your back on them! I am in the middle of picking gooseberries which have been good this year although there is no totally pain free way of gathering them. One delight in the grounds has been the appearance of fuller’s teasel; it has appeared in the grounds now and then but does not occur regularly; this year seems to be different and it would be lovely if it became established. I know it is quite common but it is such a lovely plant and good for goldfinches. I have asked Tony to leave them standing. The dry weather has seen the foxes come close to the house and I have put out a large bowl of water which they seem to be using. We have had a lot of people staying, so last weekend - which was quiet - was very peaceful. It has been a good variety of guests, some from abroad, some less fortunate than others. Eric, Aidan, Peter and Marc are away on hols at the moment and our other novice Fabian is about to go off. In the church the small doors (‘doorlets’?) to the old piscina in the Resurrection chapel which contains the relics of SS Wilfrid and Cuthbert have been put in place and they have been beautifully painted, two panels one of each saint. Sadly the high altar will not be ready to be consecrated in July and we plan to do that next year".

May 2017 From Fr John CR "Dear All, About three weeks ago I wrote about three quarters of A4 giving Companions the news of the Community and details of how Marc and I got on during Holy Week. I had to leave off in order to do other things and recently when I tried to take up the story I have been unable to find the original document. I’m afraid that I can’t remember all that I had written and most of the news will have gone cold anyway. The main thing is that Marc and I had a wonderful Holy Week and Easter. We were welcomed and appreciated by the united parishes of St Giles and Heywood, Cheadle in Staffordshire. Everyone was very kind and enthusiastic. Marc was a great Companion and a great colleague.  He proved himself as a good preacher as well. The other news about Marc and which I understand he has already told you, is that he has become novice assistant to my work with the Companions. Novice assistants are always only temporary as it is one way of introducing novices to the works of the Community. However temporary, I am very glad to have him. One of my heaviest tasks is dealing with the volume of Companions’ correspondence and I’m hoping that Marc will soon be able to take that on. So when you encounter him on visits or in your mail make him feel welcome. We have had a series of interesting visits and events recently. Doctor Paul Bradshaw gave a very fine lecture on liturgy at the Mirfield Centre last week and earlier in the week we hosted a conference of Imams and Christian clergy. This was a very moving occasion as we observed the interaction of ministers of both faiths taking a bold and courageous step. We hope and pray that many more such steps will be taken and will lead to mutual respect and understanding and love between the faiths. For about a month we have had members of the St Anselm Community (the Archbishop of Canterbury’s experimental Community based at Lambeth Palace) living with us and sharing in our life. They have made a pleasant and exciting addition to our household and the visit has brought benefits to both Communities. The big news of course is the George and Jacob have set off with a small band of people on the Sponsored Bike Ride. You can get details of news and how to sponsor them on the CR Website and Facebook. We pray for their safety and wish them well on their journey. Brother Steven is at this moment in Fatima, also at a very exciting time. Pope Francis has just canonised two of the children to whom the appearances were made. My own news of the near future is all good and exciting. My brother George and his wife Lucinda will be visiting me next week. This is holiday but as he is once again to be our auctioneer I will be seeking his advice on the items collected so far. It would be an opportunity for Companions who have small articles to send them (he is here between 22 and 28 May) or to send photographs of things you might like to donate. The day after they leave I will be going with the College on the National Pilgrimage to Walsingham (29 May). This should be one of the most exciting pilgrimages this century. The preacher - Fr Cantamelessa - is preacher to the Papa household. I go down and come back on the same day as I will be working with Fr Nicolas on a confession workshop at Mirfield. As soon as that is over I will be back to Walsingham for the Companions’ pilgrimage. On 24 June we have the meeting of the Society of the Resurrection on the Feast of Corpus Christi and then we are heading towards July with the events of the 7-9, including the Festival Day on Saturday and thanksgiving and re-hallowing of the church on Sunday. Apart from all that I will be taking things easy! Compline is approaching and I am going to need to knock off, so to avoid losing all this, I am going to say ‘good-night and God bless’ and send it. Love to you all, John CR".  
April 2017 From Mark nCR “Hello from the Brethren to our many close companions and friends. It does not seem wrong still to be saying paschal greetings as we continue for the next forty days in the joy of the Easter season. Hopefully you all had as much joy in your festivities as John CR and myself, who were in Staffordshire with Fr. James Rosie and the congregations of his churches in Cheadle and Freehay. It was my first experience of a Holy Week away from the house and it was certainly a privilege to share this time with John CR. We agreed that I should preach at services including Maundy Thursday and the Paschal Vigil, both of which were two more firsts for me, although I am used to preaching. It was a great joy indeed to be welcomed and ministered to in a parish setting throughout the week and I can speak for both of us when I say we are very grateful to Fr. James and his parishioners for their generous welcome and hospitality to us. Now it is back to reality with a week as hebdomadary and reading for a Novice conference next week with Fabian nCR at Hillfield Society of St. Francis. I am having some holiday in June but am hoping to squeeze in a couple of days out before then... joyous though the religious life is! In addition to this, Fr. John has kindly asked if I can assist him and Linda with some of the voluminous correspondence for CCR, so you might be hearing a bit more from me in the not-too-distant future! Until we speak again... Are you all booked on the 125th anniversary weekend celebrations with companions’ study day included? (7-9 July.) Don’t miss out... find the booking forms online or be in phone contact with us for more details. Love in Christ, Mark Novice CR”
March 2017

From Fr Nicolas CR: "This week we have been very thin on the ground. The Superior has taken the four younger brethren and novices to Italy to tour monasteries there. Those of you on Twitter may have seen much news of this but we haven’t. The y were intending to visit the Cistercian Sisters at Vittorchiano. This is a really flourishing community who have a lot of Sisters themselves and have made several foundations in Italy and South America . Recently they asked for an ecumenical link with us as some of their sisters have had a strong ecumenical concern in their prayer. The Brethren are also visiting Bose, an ecumenical community founded in the spirit of Vatican 2. Not having the younger brethren has meant life is quieter but we do miss their singing in Choir and of course they absence leaves a big gap. It will be nice to have them back, refreshed, we hope, and inspired by their monastic journeys".

From Fr John CR: "Dear Companions and friends, Greetings. I’m sitting at a new laptop struggling to find the new position of the keys so please forgive any errors. I have just written half of an article on the College in WWI and I thought that if I turned my attentions to Companions and friends that it would cheer me up. Need I say life has been busy since my last letter to the Companions? In the past week with the Novices, Marc and Fabian, I led the pre Lent retreat for Priests. We were very tired when it was over but I must admit that it was one of the most enjoyable pieces of work that I have ever participated in. The Novices did a great job; their input was thoughtful and at times very beautiful. Fabian delighted us with Schubert’s Ave Maria and Marc taught us to sing ‘Hail o Star that pointest’. The departing Priests all expressed a very warm appreciation of the retreat. Marc didn’t get time to cool down. The next day he was assisting at a quiet day for the Community of All Saints – an experimental non-resident community for the Diocese of Wakefield. Soon, however, he will have his reward. The Superior and the Novices will be visiting some Religious Communities in Italy later this month to learn more about traditional and more modern forms of monastic life. When they return, Marc will do Stations of the Cross at Mirfield before setting off with me to help in the celebration of Holy Week with the Parish of Cheadle in Staffordshire. Fabian, who conducted a very moving Stations for the retreat, will be conducting them at Mirfield this (third) evening. I began Lent as celebrant at the Eucharist for St Chad ’s in Bradford with the traditional ceremony of ashing. Next week I will conduct Stations at St Ann ’s, Southowram. I have a mid-Lent evening on Pilgrimage at the Centre and Stations at CR. I am looking forward to Easter! Auction news: When I wrote the last letter I was tentatively proposing another auction next year subject to enough things being donated. I’m happy to say that an auction is now firmly on the horizon. No date has been fixed but sometime after Easter 2018 is likely. If we had an auction of what I have collected so far I calculate that we would raise £700 - £1,000. So my target is £10,000. I know that you will all pray for me and I hope that those of you who are able will also help me to achieve this goal (and maybe even a bit more). Please see the leaflet here. With my continuing studies into the Community’s activities in WWI, items of interest from that period would be both of personal interest to me and as we approach the 100th anniversary of the armistice would stimulate a lot of interest in the auction. So please encourage friends and family to search out things that may help our work for the extension of Christ’s Kingdom. As we enter the Holy Season of Lent may God bless you and strengthen you that you may remain Sure and Stedfast in the faith of Christ. John Gribben CR"

The Community's new website is now live! Please have a look at As a result, this Companions website will soon be disappearing. 
From Marc NovCR "Hello to our diverse group of Companions and friends throughout the regions. Perhaps if one were told on enquiry that the monastic vocation would be so fulsome, it would not readily lead to an uptake of the life. However, I for one am on the whole glad of the busyness, for it must be balanced with our chiefest call to prayer and the celebration of the Liturgy. This is essential in the maintenance of a stable life both for oneself, one’s brethren and all those who visit us. We have just said goodbye to fifteen priests of God’s church who arrived looking more than ready for their time with us on retreat last Monday. The y left communicated, anointed and altogether more refreshed! On Saturday last, Philip CR and myself led a quiet day for Bishop Tony ( Wakefield ) and the All Saints’ community. The se are members of the Wakefield Episcopal area whom Bishop Tony is encouraging to keep a rule of life and to draw upon the resources of monastic life and culture in their discipleship. It was a very happy event and one in which we concluded with an abridged form of the Resurrection Vigil (for which I was thurifer). Another first - serving for a prelate! Tomorrow sees a different challenge, as Fr Dennis and I come out of residence and prepare to discuss ethics and vocation with a group of GCSE students from Yarm school with Jacob and Nicolas CR. Following this, Dennis and I will lead a pilgrimage weekend together before ten days visiting three monasteries in Italy... phew... it will then be Holy week, for which I feel very privileged to be accompanying John CR to Staffordshire. Fr James, the Incumbent, appears very generous with his preaching slots to us... maybe too generous! With my prayers and good wishes for your Lenten observances and our mutual looking east to the hope of the dawning Son/Sun of Resurrection. In Christ,
February 2017 It is hoped that CR's new website (into which this one will be subsumed) will launch on 22 February.
The latest monthly Newsletter (February 2017) can be found here

From Fr John CR: "To All Companions and Friends. It does seem a long time since the last letter but with Advent and Christmas the Community has been very active. Someone at Parkrun asked me what I had done on Christmas Day. I replied that I had been at six services and had a big dinner! He was speechless. We did have six services and all of them were beautiful. I was almost overwhelmed by the feelings which the midnight Mass evoked. There were high thoughts and homely ones – remembering past Christmasses and old friends, looking at the bambino and reflecting on the mystery of God’s love made flesh. The novices Fabian and Marc built and decorated the crib and they made a beautiful job of it. Our younger members - again Marc and Fabian with the addition of Jacob - produced magnificent dinners for us on Christmas Day and the Feast of Stephen. Most of us had to let out our belts over Christmas. Like many other families at this time whenever you thought you’d had enough someone opened a box of chocolates or brought out another plate of mince pies. I particularly like St John’s Day (27th Dec) - it is quiet and relaxed and I think back to that day in 1979 when I celebrated the Eucharist for the last time as a Church of Ireland Priest. A month later I would be setting off in blinding snow on the journey that would bring me to CR. Indeed I will be back in Belfast on 27th January for the first time in 38 years. On St John’s night the Brethren went into retreat, which after the business and excitement of the Christmas celebrations was sheer bliss. All too soon the retreat ended and we had to begin the nine days of General Chapter. This was a good humoured and pleasant time when the whole Community worked on future business matters and participated in sessions for our mutual development an education - Rule of St Benedict, Safeguarding and Living together. Last weekend George preached and Peter played the organ in Dewsbury Minster for the inauguration of the College of St Hild. This is the non-residential theology course that is based at Mirfield and, having begun life as the Northern Ordination Course, has been known for many years as the Yorkshire Ministry Course and after recent reorganisation and merging with the College of St Barnabas Sheffield now lives to serve the Church and Ordinands under its new patron (Hild is an alternative and perhaps older form of Hilda). Having YMC on the site has brought many benefits and friendships to the Community and College of the Resurrection and we wish the Principal, staff and students of St Hild every blessing in this new phase of theological formation. Anglican Religious Communities have a joint education scheme as part of novitiate formation and at the moment under George and Oswin’s guidance the novices are meeting at Mirfield. There are five, two of whom are Marc and Fabian. This is not the total of Anglican novices and postulants - some have been unable to attend - but numbers are small. We thank you for your prayers and encouragement - keep it up and don’t be afraid to suggest to likely candidates that they might think of looking at this possibility. I will be conducting a retreat at Launde Abbey this weekend and I will be going to Belfast for a few days next week. I will return on 31st January. 2nd February is the great feast of Christ the Light of the Nations - Candlemas, the last day of Christmas and so at the moment I can still wish you all a Happy Christmas. 3rd Feb: All of the above was written a couple of weeks ago and rather than try to amend it I’m adding this addenda: I learned this morning of the death of our Companion Edith Pierce. She was 100 and recently I replied to a note from her informing me that she had recently been on retreat and was planning one for this year. I have known her for a long time and I shall miss her but I believe that she was ready for glory. May she rest in peace. News on fund raising: We are entering a new phase as we plan for a future in which Mirfield will play an important part in the Church’s plans to supply pastors and teachers and general theological teaching for the 21st century. This will involve more suitable monastic accommodation for CR and a major upgrading of the House for Retreat, conference and teaching purposes. I have already floated the idea of an auction in 2018 if enough items were donated or promised. On the response so far I would not be able to plan for one but just before going to press a number of promises arrived which make another auction a distinct possibility. So watch this space! Songs for the Soul by Ivor Moody (Rejoice Publications UK £7.99, EU 8.99, US$13.99) comes out on 23rd Feb and will be sold by Mirfield Publications. Fr Moody is Vice Dean of Chelmsford Cathedral, former student CoR and a fellow King’s College London graduate. We didn’t quite overlap and I am several years older than him but we are both from an era when you couldn’t walk down a student corridor without hearing Sound of Silence or Love is All You need wafting from the rooms. When you look back on the secular songs of the sixties and seventies you are made aware of spirituality struggling to understand the 20th Century. Fr Ivor uses songs from Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles, Leonard Cohen and others probing some of the great themes of faith. I look forward to this publication. Love in the Lord. John CR"

January 2017 *NEW* From Marc nCR: "The Brethren are well, although one or two have colds and other seasonal maladies. Last week the Community was glad to welcome a group of three novices for a conference on the theme of ‘Office and Eucharist,’ expertly led by Fr. George CR. The gathering, comprising myself, Fabian (nCR), Aidan (nOSB), Liz (Postulant SSB) and Sue (Postulant SLG) was part of a two-year rolling programme organised and facilitated jointly by the Novice Guardians of our various Anglican Religious Communities. It was extremely good that we were able to host this session, as others have had to be cancelled recently due to lack of attendees. We enjoyed a varied programme, with a good balance of teaching, learning and recreation. Mornings involved a daily singing practice to get to grips with the plainchant, before a lecture-style session on a particular aspect of our topic. This enabled insightful discussion on life in our respective Communities. We also enjoyed a walk, a social evening (not entirely teetotal!) and a wonderful excursion to Dewsbury Minster at the end of the week where we saw the beautiful chapel of St. Paulinus and were photographed in front of the fine wooden reredos in the narthex. A good time of fellowship and learning had by all. We are now looking forward to being together for the next conference!"
The latest CR Quarterly Review (Epiphany 2017) is here; the latest Quarterly Intercession List (Epiphany) is here and the month by month Intercession List for 2017 is here. Don't forget the latest Companions list can always be found here, regularly updated
Sermon Preached by Fr George Guiver, Superior CR  in Dewsbury Minster on 14 January 2017, for the launch of St Hild College, which replaces the Yorkshire Ministry Course and continues to operate from it present site within the grounds of CR at Mirfield.
December 2016

From Fr Nicolas CR: "A couple of Brethren have been home to see family (Oswin, Jacob and Marc). Peter ended term with acute tonsilitis but that didn’t stop him driving off to West Malling to be with his nuns! Most of us are slowly winding down, except our novice Fabian who has taken on the task of cooking Christmas dinner and Boxing day dinner. He seems very competent but is certainly throwing himself into it with great energy. He has roped in Jacob and Marc so I hope they enjoy it! Last week I went off to Stanbrook Abbey for a day. They moved a few years ago from Worcestershire to North Yorkshire and have built a brand new monastery with a stunning view. My reason for going is that one of the nuns is a friend of mine from Zimbabwe and we are trying to write something together. Who knows? It may actually appear. People often ask what we do at Christmas. Well we don’t sing carols until Midnight Mass so that is unusual (actually some did go to a carol service at the Catholic church last Sunday). Then we eat a traditional Christmas meal on Christmas Day. This year our friends have been generous in giving us wine so there will plenty for the various feast days that celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. What is very unusual in this noisy world is that on 27th Dec we go into retreat for three days. It is a marvellous time to relax, think about Christmas, read something really good and get ready for Chapter. I hope all our Companions and anyone else who reads this has a really joyful time celebrating the Coming of the Son of God into our broken, fragile but beautiful world. With every blessing from us all"

The Companions List has now been fully updated, again thanks to the work of CR Companion Linda Blenkinship. Please click here for the latest version and, if you are able, please pray for the Companions on the Tuesdays shown in 2017. Thank you.
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November 2016

From Fr John CR: "Dear Friends and Companions, Remember me? I wrote to you all around the beginning of July and I finished by saying that I was going to be busy and it might be some time before I would be able to write. I was right on both counts. I have had something major on every week since until last week when I was able to clear quite a backlog of mail. Last night I intended to sit down and write the Companion’s Letter and what happened? My computer broke down and refused to open up – refusing even Bro. Jacob’s magic touch. However, this morning after some gentle coaxing I gained entrance and here we are. Why was I so busy? Well in July there was Companion’s Study Day, General Chapter with a host of activities.  My thanks to all who helped at the study day and Festival and perhaps this is the best place to record our thanks to Vanessa for organising an enjoyable Companion’s Day in Southwark in the face of a number of difficulties.  After Chapter I had an exciting August with three weeks holiday in Belfast followed by three weeks involved with a mission in St George’s Belfast (a church where I was a server and have been associated with for nearly sixty years). I don’t know how you count success but this was a very enjoyable event. The team consisted of five students (four from Mirfield and one from St Stephen’s House) and Catherine Stewart the vicar’s daughter. I think that this is the first Mission from CR for about twenty years (the College did one last year) and the first one in St George’s for about the same length of time. The atmosphere was good and the rapport between team and the church was really exciting. We had devotional events in the evening  - Religion through Cinema (guess who led this?) Songs of Praise with the SA Band, Choral Evensong (St George’s have a very good choir) a requiem, a healing service and a pilgrimage to St Patrick’s grave. My thanks to the clergy and people, to Catherine Stewart, Philip Kennedy from St Stephen’s House and the Mirfield Students (Alex Hobbs, Stffan Mathias, Sebastian Hamilton and Waldemar Nion). It was a  great privilege to work with such a team and a great joy to share a special brand of Anglicanism in the heart of Belfast . What else did I do? The re was Guardian’s Chapter in Walsingham, Community business in Bournemouth (where for light relief I went to see King Lear one evening!), a course on safeguarding in Manchester and a Mirfield Pilgrimage at home. Between times I have been catching up on e-mails and spiritual direction and seeing probationer Companions. In my spare time I have been running – I scored a personal Best of 5K in 26.11 mins in Victoria Park, Belfast. So here I am back at my desk and very glad to be in Mirfield. I want to say ‘How are you all?’ but I’m afraid that would create a new mountain of emails. I hope that you are all well and happy. I have had emails about Companion’s illnesses, bereavements and other sorrows. I want to assure you of my prayers. When I get such an email I try to light a candle in church that evening. I hope the foregoing doesn’t sound like self-obsession but I have had such an exciting year that I wanted to share it. I am by no means the busiest CR Father. The Superior, the Prior and many of the Brethren have just as busy a schedule and do a lot more than me to keep the life of the House going. At the end of this weeks we will be celebrating that wonderful feast of Christ the Universal King and then we are into the lovely season of Advent. We will have the usual pre-Advent and Advent retreats and what has come to be our traditional devotional service O Come Emmanuel (Sunday 4th at 4.30). The n comes Christmas and we are blessed that this year we will have two novices (Marc and Fabian) to decorated the crib. Although he hasn’t asked for it, I think special mention needs to be made of Nicolas’s tireless efforts on behalf of deprived children in Zimbabwe. His Charity (Tariro) keeps going despite the change in the value of its income. Remember him in your prayers and perhaps encourage him when you can. Now a few requests of my own: If any Companion has, or knows of the existence of a copy of ‘the Best is Yet to Be’ a pamphlet on illness by Fr Hilary Beasley CR, I would be very grateful for the loan of it in order to have it republished. Auctions – I have had a lot of questions from friends, Companions, dealers and not least from the auctioneer himself (my brother George) about another auction. I am certainly not going to have another auction in 2017. The last one involved quite a strenuous effort on my part and the difficulties of collection and storage were greater than in the previous ones. However, the event was such an enjoyable and entertaining occasion and with fund-raising on the Community's agenda once more I am looking to see if there is any way in 2018 of having an auction that would not rest so heavily on an individual’s shoulders. So I am putting out an exploratory feeler. I want to hear from companions who would be willing to donate small items that would store easily and not occupy much space such as jewellery, medals and other military items, old stamp collections (no loose modern), coins. At this stage I am only investigating. If I thought that we could raise between £1,000 and £5,000 it would be worth the effort and we could look forward to a bit of fun in 2018. Lastly a preliminary notice – in 2017 the Companion’s Study Day will be on 7 July. This event is normally followed by a Festival Day which is a mixture of Companion’s and Community events and Companion’s membership is reaffirmed and new members enrolled. The Festival Day in 2017 however will be on 9 July as a day of thanksgiving for the re-ordering of the Church. The building will be re-hallowed on that day. In consultation with the Companion’s Council the Community decide that the solemn Eucharist on 9th would be the most fitting day for renewal of commitment and receiving of new Companions. This means that 7th, 8th and 9th will all be special days. The programme is still to be filled out so keep a watch on the website and CR Quarterly for further details. Meanwhile have a happy and glorious Advent and may the blessings of Christ our saviour be with you all. John CR"

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CR's 2015 published accounts, which includes a list of achievements in the past year, can be viewed here
October 2016

From Br Marc CR "Greetings to the Companions from the Brothers CR. We’ve had another run-of-the-mill busy week at the House of the Resurrection, with the comings and goings of two parish pilgrimage group from Bury St. Edmunds and Chorlton-cum-Hardy respectively. Fabian novCR and I were involved with both of these, leading acts of worship (independently!) and serving alongside our Priest brothers, Oswin, John and Crispin CR who offered the sacrament of anointing while we laid on hands for any who wished. What an awesome privilege (albeit energy-sapping) to meet and minister to people in this way. It has been one of the first things we have worked on together as Novices and we have both been challenged and delighted. I think it is great to see God’s renewing love being poured out time and again within the lives of people. I have also completed my first Hebdomadary week - leading the major ferial offices of the Community. Another first and another privilege! The singing went quite well and I enjoyed it. God is being very kind and always showing himself new in his ‘manifold and great mercies.’ I hope that is an experience we each may have. Love in Christ, Marc novCR"

From Fr Crispin CR: This weekend we have had a railway group in, led by Philip and Aidan. They enjoyed the Worth Valley train from Keighley to Howarth. Now we are in Chapter so everyone is here and tomorrow we are studying the Letter to the Hebrews, led by Dr Loveday Alexander.
The brand new Community website, which will subsume this site, is likely to be launched by the end of this month.
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September 2016 From Fr Dennis CR: "I have just returned from watching some of the cricket being played on CR’s sports field between teams from Yorkshire and from Lancashire . Not surprisingly there is some (good natured) county rivalry at play in this match but what is most notable is that each county is represented by a team consisting of imams and vicars. It is an inter-faith cricket competition, but not one pitting Islam and Christianity against one another. Instead it is a friendly “war of the roses” in which everyone here on this fine Saturday afternoon is enjoying themselves in the sunshine beneath the blue skies of Mirfield on this 17 September.
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August 2016 From Fr Thomas CR "After the full retreat of IGRs last week the house has been a little less busy although we have had a good number of guests. I had the personal delight of the arrival of my godson and his sister who brought their parents and had a lovely time on Sunday and Monday. The y had been given a present of cameras which you can use under water and so were eager to take pictures of the fish in the rose garden, who did not seem to be put out that much by their intrusion. Perhaps like you we have been enjoying some good summer weather and that has allowed visitors to take use of the grounds which this year are shewing extensive growth and good fruit: plenty of plums and damsons and for the first time greengages are around although a heavy hail storm has reduced the apples by a large proportion; there will still be lots to use and eat. George is away at the moment visiting Burnham Abbey and Oswin, Peter and John are all away on holiday; Jacob is leading the singing which he does very well and would be better if a brother tried less to 'help'! Rather sadly, a brother lost his laptop to an intruder and the infirmary lost its keys; keys to cupboards which hold aspirin and milk of magnesia (a hoard for later?). It is a while since we had a theft like this, but it is a bit upsetting".
From Marc Voase NovCR "Warm greetings to all our Companions and Friends from the Brethren CR. I have now lived in the Community for ten months and been a novice for six of those! What a time it has been. One certainly seems to pack a lot in… time certainly flies and it isn’t always fun but ‘Ubi Caritas et amor, Deus ibi est’ . This has certainly proved true to me during my relatively short time here. The three weeks of July chapter are over. Jacob CR is having a holiday in Scotland and John CR went off today (Monday) for a fortnight in Belfast . Prayers for him, Alex, Stefan and Waldemar from the College, please, as they conduct a mission from 10 to 18 September at St. George’s , Belfast to commemorate its bicentenary year. Oswin and Nicholas CR are conducting IGR’s in the house all this week, so we have a very full but silent refectory. It isn’t always easy having so many guests week in week out but hospitality is a key part of our community’s ministry and it is wonderful that the loving Lord provides for the many who come through our doors. Perhaps it is when things appear difficult in our lives, we are most ably serving God? As a priest friend of mine says, ‘When you’re down to nothing, God is up to something’. Every blessing, and enjoy any summer holidays you’re having". Marc NovCR

From Fr John CR: "Dear Companions and Friends, It does seem a long time since I wrote a Companion’s letter. I did begin the process at the beginning of July but somehow that has been lost and we have been very busy since then. The re have been many events – not least a happy General Chapter. Father Peter gave the Companions a helpful and enjoyable study day on plainsong and church music. The Festival day was a great event  with a memorable talk to about 80 people in the morning given by Claire Foster-Gilbert on Laudate Si. The weather was kind to us and after a beautiful Mass everyone had an enjoyable afternoon. The re were several beautiful and exciting events as well as ordinary business during this year‘s General Chapter. We went on pilgrimage to Staunton Harrald – the only parish church to be built during the puritan regime. It was a great opportunity to appreciate the legacy of holiness left by our Anglican forefathers. While in the area we called at Leicester and saw King Richard’s tomb. I have a certain affection for ‘Crookback’ and take the Tudor propaganda for what it is worth. The tomb was very beautiful and we hope that our high altar will be made of similar stone. Our final treat on the last Sunday of Chapter was a trip to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield for to see the exhibition of the works of Stanley Spencer – it was like a visit to heaven. Just before GC we had the European Referendum. I don’t intend to comment on the result as I respect all the views of people of good conscience but I do want to mention one casualty dear to us – Tariro. Fr Nicolas tells me that the fall in the value of the pound means a loss of £1,000 per month in the value of the charity’s cash flow in other words £12,000 a year  that need to be made up if the income is to be maintained at the present level. Please pray for him and if you can help him in any way it will be very welcome. Finally playmates, I am off to Northern Ireland today and I won’t be back until the 20th September. It is not all holiday fun. I will have my usual annual break with my family but this will be followed by a mission in St George’s Belfast. I will be accompanied by four students from the College and one from St Stephen’s House plus Catherine Stewart the Rector’s daughter. I am really looking forward to it. Please pray for the Mission (10-18 September)". John CR

July 2016 The latest monthly Newsletter (July 2016) can be found here
June 2016
From Fr Nicolas CR: "After a very busy few weeks life has quietened down. Several brethren are away either on holiday or work. Eric and Peter have just got back from visiting nuns. Oswin has been at Turvey Abbey with an Internovitiate Day for Anglican novices. Then he goes to Wales to preach at a first mass and I go to London on Sunday to preach at a first mass at St Martin ’s Ruislip. The sun has been shining all day; that is big news! Jacob and Paul have been cutting back wisteria which was threatening to engulf the retreat house. Also they are dismantling and repairing gutters and down pipes. Nice to have a young brother who can do that sort of thing! Actually are two novices, Marc and Shaun (postulant actually) are very good and energetic in the garden. Today we admitted Fr Timothy Forbes Adam as a Companion. He is 92 and was at Eton and in the War with Aelred Stubbs so we think him a good bet for perseverance! On Saturday I shall be receiving the First Oblation of Andrew Proud, a layman from Leicester".
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May 2016

From Fr John CR: "Dear Companions and Friends - This week we learned of the death of Fr Derek Birch. He was a faithful Companion and retreatant and tremendous support to me during the auction campaign. I think that I have known him all my life in the Community. He was quiet and gentle and he will be missed by many. Our love and prayers are with his wife and family. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. How often have I said that in the past couple of years? The harvest of friends and relatives that has been gathered to God in recent times seems to be overwhelming. Faces of people who I thought would always be around have passed out of my range of vision but then we have been celebrating the wonderful season of Easter with its promise of Glory and its great gift of hope through Jesus Christ our saviour and if we believe the Letter to the Hebrews our friends have not gone from us but have joined Moses and Joshua and the great cloud of witnesses who encourage us and join us in the praise of God and the fellowship of the saints. The Easter period has seen the completion of the Resurrection chapel altar and the addition of the new paschal candlestick. Each of them proclaims the Gospel in its own way. The candlestick tells us that Christ is our light and that we shouldn’t hide that light. The altar gives us a wonderful visual image of Resurrection scene and is a great aid to meditation or a starting point for Stations of the Resurrection. With the auction and Lent behind me I have tidied my office and bedroom and settled down to do some study. This is a great joy to me and it is working very well. I am at the moment reading on the Old Testament and on Dante. In connection with the latter I have also begun to read Virgil (in English – I’m afraid I never learned Latin). I have also returned to CR in WWI. A very exciting item has come my way. Someone has loaned me the war diary of Fr Osmund Victor CR which covers his time as a chaplain from 1917-1919. It is a wonderful insight into one of the most difficult periods in that most horrible of wars. I think I have said before that this line of study has transformed my knowledge of former CR Fathers. Once they were just names on an intercession list. Now I fell that I know them. Blessings for Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi and The Sacred Heart. I am looking forward to seeing some of you in Walsingham soon and at Mirfield next Month. A footnote – Shaun, our latest postulant has just arrived. Please pray for him. Love in the Lord. John CR"

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From Fr John CR: "Dear Friends and Companions, Alleluia Christ is Risen! I hope that you all enjoyed the Paschal festival. I spent a very enjoyable Holy Week and Easter at Walsingham Parish. Fr Mitcham was a very good host and people were kind to me and responsive to my addresses. It is a lovely place to be and although I had to preach each night it was much more like a holiday and a retreat than work. The week prior to Holy Week at Mirfield had been extremely busy for me and filled with problems so I was quite relieved to say goodbye for a few days. I took the bus to Huddersfield and did the usual Saturday Parkrun before catching the first of the four trains that would eventually deposit me in King’s Lynn where Fr Andrew picked me up. Walsingham was lovely and there were good numbers in the parish church all week. I’m not sure what people received from my addresses but I know that I received the calmness and peace of that beautiful place – it was like being on retreat. Even the sad news of the death of Sister Wendy, old student James Wesson and the memory of Bill Ryon’s death just a couple of weeks before all seemed to be caught up in the Easter message of Resurrection victory. It all seems a long time ago now and an auction has come and gone since. My brother was on good form and Kevin, supported this time by Janet and Barbara, did a great job of finding and holding up the objects as the auctioneer called them out. We had a really good result and by the time I’ve added the various extras we should be near £20,000. This is a great result and I want to thank you all who either actively or by your prayers have contributed to the success. Needless to say I was quite tired after it was over and only now am I able to sit down at a clear desk in a clean and tidy office and get down to other work. Tomorrow is the feat of St Philip and St James who are the saints of the ordinary day-to-day life of the Church. At the moment I appreciate that ordinariness. Every blessing for the Ascension. John CR"

April 2016 Details about the CR Companions Day on 8 July can be found here and here
Exciting news - CR is working on a new website which will incorporate a discrete section for Companions. Many of the features on this current website will still be available to Companions and the overall site should offer many enhancements over this one, which was first set up at a time when CR did not have a meaningful web presence and when news from the Community was hard to come by. Things have now changed positively in those regards and the new site is awaited with eager anticipation!
The CR auction held on Saturday 9 April raised £18,000 on the day, a wonderful achievement.

Details about two forthcoming events at CR: 30 April Organ Recital and 14 May Chamber Concert Choir

Sad news: Bill Ryon Jr has died. Bill was a longstanding CR Companion and known to many who have joined the annual Companions pilgrimage to Walsingham. Sincerest condolences go to his wife and family. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
March 2016 Please click here for a wonderful photographic record of Holy Week 2016 at CR, with grateful thanks to Robert Hammond 
From Marc NovCR: "This is my first update as a four week old novice of CR, so may I offer all Companions a warm hello. You each know that the Community is an incredibly busy place forasmuch as it is also one of space for quiet encounter with God. This is something of a paradox that all Brethren must learn and work hard to accommodate. I too am learning this and the weeks certainly seem to fly past with many new things to confront one on a daily basis. All is good, if sometimes challenging and perplexing! This weekend, Andrew NovCR and I were fortunate to accompany Fr. George, Br. Philip and Br. Jacob to Leicester Cathedral, where we were met by the Canon Precentor who spoke to us about the Swaledale stone tomb of Richard III. This type of stone may be a consideration for us with regard to the new High Altar for the Community church. The stone clearly displays fossilised remains which are very interesting aesthetically. It was also intriguing to hear the tale of the tomb’s installation at Leicester . We rounded off the day with a lovely visit to the CHN Sisters in Derby . A nice time was had indeed with clement weather into the bargain! We are also enjoying a visit from a lovely group of students from Oxford ’s Merton College , who are sharing many interesting anecdotes with us about their lives and studies. CR is certainly an enriching environment. My warmest wishes to you all as we prepare to celebrate the Easter feast and behold again the threshold of Resurrection life. Marc NovCR".
The latest monthly Newsletter (March 2016) can be found here
From Fr Nicolas CR: "Last night we admitted Br Andrew Andrew Ellis as a Novice. Andrew is a mathematician by training, has been doing software development for some years and for fun likes cycling and fishing – not much chance of that yet this winter! He joins Br Marc Voase who was made a Novice a month ago. This weekend we have been in General Chapter with our Visitor, Bishop Graham James. The College, meanwhile, has been having the Bishops’ inspectors all week and it seems they have been very impressed with what they have found here, as indeed they should. Some elements of the Church of England seem to be doing all they can to close down residential training of clergy, largely on financial grounds. Lets hope these inspectors can convince them it is worth the money if you want good Priests".
From Fr Thomas CR: "This Saturday Andrew Ellis will be made a novice, which is something we are all looking forward to. It is some time since the Community has had two novices together and both are very welcome presences. We also have an 'alongsider' with us, Michael from Merseyside who is very prayerful and engaging with a background in theology and working with the disabled. One of the good things is that he - like the novices - are happy gardening. We have a chapter this weekend and will receive the accounts, happily in a better state than for some time, the result of the good work of our financial staff. The re will also be a buffet supper after Evensong tomorrow for both guests and ourselves and Nicolas will tells us about his month in Zimbabwe - there is a severe lack of rain at the moment and the crops are threatened and some are already going hungry.  It makes it feel uncomfortable that we have had so much rain since the autumn. Simon and I have been giving talks this Lent at the Centre which seem to have met with a positive response and I hope that brethren will give the centre's Lent series again. We had to relocate to the St James' Chapel because some thieves had stolen lead from the roof of the New Refectory and the roof was no longer waterproof. No-one was hurt and it can be repaired but such thieving is rather irritating. I am already getting ready for Holy Week (I go to St Giles Aintree); please keep us in your prayers". 
From Fr John CR: "Dear Companions and friends, I hope that you are all well and now looking forward to Easter. I will be preaching during Holy Week in Walsingham Parish Church . I am really looking forward to being there in that lovely season and the Vicar, Fr Andrew Mitcham who is an old student of the College is a very good friend. One of the benefits of the busy life of a Mirfield Father is the opportunity is that I get to see other beautiful places and certainly Walsingham is one such. One which was really a surprise for me was the visit to Rome for the Jubilee celebrations on the Consecrated Life. I have always wanted to see the Eternal City but I had thought that it was unlikely at my time of life. Fr George is a very good guide and interpreter (and cook) and he took all the normal anxieties out of the trip. Now comes the auction. When I get back from Holy Week I will have a week’s respite and then my brother will arrive and we will begin work on the setting up of the stalls in the College. That is the good news. In years past I have had to do that in two days not quite knowing what I was doing. This year we have time extra help and an expert. Things are going quite well I’ve just catalogued Lot 301 and with a collection arriving next week we are likely to pass the 350 number. This is less than previous years but it is very good and ensures us a result greater than I was expecting when we started this auction. The re is still over six weeks and plenty of time for more to come in. Now please spread the news to friends and dealers in your area. Get people to visit the website. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away by the excitement, the business – even the panic. I need to be reminded of why we are holding an auction – indeed why we are here at all. The advancement of Christ’s kingdom on earth - Cr and Companions should have only one object and all our works are to that end. So please pray for us that we will be true to our calling. I leave you with a marvellous piece of Companion news just in.  Edith Pearce a Companion in Durham Diocese will achieve her 100th birthday on 28 March. With every blessing. John CR"  
Some of the photogrpahs have been updated on the slide show on the phototour page
February 2016 "The Memorial Service for CR Companion Otto Fisher will be on Friday 22 April at 3pm at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Church Walk, Richmond , TW9 1SN . As Otto was a regular attendee at CR events and at Mirfield I'm sure that some of you will want to be there. A website has been set up to take bookings (presumably mainly to know likely numbers). You can find the website here:" (with thanks to Vanessa for this)

Here are details of the Companions Festival Day to be held at Southwark Cathedral on Saturday 17 September 2016. Fr. Iain McKillop, artist, led a wonderful day on Fra Angelico for Companions at Mirfield last year and the London Companions, who are organising the Southern Festival Day, were thrilled when he agreed to be their speaker at Southwark this September. Members of the Companions' Council met at Southwell Minster last Thursday and were able to view Fr. Iain's powerful and moving exhibition for Lent in the Chapter House there. You may like to look at his website: The Southern Regional Festival Day aims to draw in Companions and Friends of CR from a wide area, some of whom might find it difficult to travel up to Mirfield for the Festival Day there in July. However, all Companions meetings in London are open to anyone who is interested in taking part, as is this Festival Day. A booking form can be found here

Update from Fr George, Superior CR: On Friday the Community had a Safeguarding training day. On Saturday Brother Jacob renewed his vows for three years. In the evening the Epiphany Singers gave a fantastic concert of Candlemas music to a large and very appreciative audience. On Sunday Marc Voase was made a novice. Prayers please for our postulant Andrew Ellis as we discern with him whether he is to be made a novice at the beginning of March. Prayers also pleased for Shaun, who has asked to come as a postulant and is with us for two weeks while we discern together.

The latest monthly Newsletter (February 2016) can be found here
You are most welcome to join us for a Quiet Day being held at Burnham Abbey, the home of the Anglican Religious Community The Society of the Precious Blood, on Saturday 14 May. Details are here.
CR Companions Quiet Day at Southwark Cathedral 27 February 2016. Details here.
January 2016 From Fr Nicolas CR: "At the weekend Fr Dennis CR went down to Monmouth Cathedral to talk with the Dean, Lister Tonge, about Holy Week. Dennis is preaching there that week. Fr Peter CR went off to see family in Birmingham and this week has been in London at a series of meetings, some musical which he enjoys and some about theological training. Today seven of the Brethren went to look at the building which was once the Hostel in Leeds . Most people don' t know that from 1905 to 1975 we had a hostel in Leeds where young men stayed while they did degrees. Most of them came on to the College here afterwards. The building is beautiful, designed by Temple More with a somewhat Gothic feel. It was a very happy place. The Brethren who went included Eric - who was a student there in 1948 and then Warden in around1965 - Crispin - who was also a student - and then Jacob, Steven and our two postulants Marc and Andrew. Those four had never seen it so it was exciting for them to see a place which was once so important in CR's life. We sold the hostel to the University when we no longer had students wanting this mode of training for Priesthood. It is now a rather posh student residence. The significance of the hostel is that when CR started training men for the Priesthood there were no central church funds for this. You paid your own way, which meant that only those with money could get ordained. CR started the Hostel and College to give free education for the Priesthood to those largely working class men who couldn't pay their own way. Tomorrow I go to London for a Tariro party at St Stephen's Lewisham. A former student, Fr Philip Corbett, is organising a wine and cheese evening to raise money for us and find us new friends. It will be fun. The n on Sunday I preach at Grosvenor Chapel as they are going to support Tariro this Lent. In between there will be various Tariro related conversations. I hope this helps to spread the Gospel as well!".

From Fr John CR: “Dear Companions and Friends, a belated Happy New Year. I think in early December I said that I was going to be busy. As the Queen of Sheba said ‘the half was not told me’. The House was very busy during Advent. The re were extra services and people coming for spiritual direction and Confession. I had to go to St Stephen’s House where I conducted a retreat based on Eliot’s ‘Journey of the Magi’. I was well received and kindly treated by Students and Staff alike. I was very impressed by the Ordinands. God seems to be calling and sending very good young men and women and it is good to know that at both Oxford and Mirfield the Catholic vision and fire is still being taught and caught. Speaking of Catholic fire one of my tasks during Advent was to write a review of Fr Augustine Hoey’s book ‘Trembling on the Edge of Eternity’. Still going strong at 100, Augustine was one of the influences that led me into the Community. The book is enjoyable and inspirational and it is on sale in our bookshop. Buy one to save you from begging, borrowing or stealing but make sure that you get to read it. We had a lovely family celebration of the Christmas mysteries. The services were beautiful – the two postulants set up the Crib in Holy Cross chapel. It is lovely to be in a place where the true nature of Christmas is centre stage in the mid-winter celebrations. Not that the secular jollities were left out of the picture. We had a memorable Christmas Day dinner followed by an afternoon plod across muddy fields and back in time for afternoon tea with Christmas cake and mince pies. I had the privilege of cooking the St Stephen’s Day dinner. From Evensong until Compline we played parlour games. For the next three days we were in retreat. This was absolute bliss after such a busy half year. When that was over we went into General Chapter and it was back to porridge. This year is going to be an interesting one for me. I will be going to Rome in just over a week when Fr George and I will be attending a conference on the Consecrated Life. The Superior has arranged self-catering accommodation next door to St Peter’s! I get back just in time to conduct a retreat for the Bishop and clergy of the Diocese of Cashel, Ossory, Ferns (and about half a dozen others). By then we will be into Lent and preparing for Holy Week, during which I will be in Walsingham Parish Church . The n guess what? I return in time to set up the next auction for 9 April. Believe it or not I am really looking forward to this. My Brother who conducted the previous auctions will be coming over a week before the auction and we will be able to do the setting up at a less frantic pace. Also I will get time to enjoy his company. This, however, is a wake-up call. D-Day is approaching. Please spread the word and if you were intending to donate anything to the auction I would be glad to have it sooner rather than later in order to get the catalogue up-to-date. We are doing well. By the end of this week I should have passed 250 lots which suggest a final total in the 300s. All previous auctions were 400+ so we could do with more – especially jewellery and quirky antiques but don’t worry even if nothing else comes thank you all and Deo Gratias! John CR”

A list of the items received so far for the Auction on 9 April is here
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From Br Stephen CR: "The Brethren are extremely grateful for the abundant generosity over the Christmas period with cards and other tokens of affection and kindness from our many friends who are associated with us in various ways. We are now back to ‘normal’ with the retreat house and B&B up and running again, after having some time to ourselves as a Community to “recharge our own spiritual batteries”. A very warm welcome awaits all of our guests, visitors and retreatants in our Retreat House".  

The Companions' Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham 3 to 6 June 2016 now has all our booked places filled. However, if you would like to join our group you are most welcome but you will need to make your own arrangements directly with the Shrine. has the details.
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From Fr Nicolas CR: “Chapter has now finished. This time it was about Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si. I wonder how many of our Companions have read it. It is really good. It brings together the different issues of climate change, global warming, degradation of the environment and reminds us in all kinds of ways of the responsibility we all have to do something about this. It underlines the urgency by constantly reminding us that the first people to suffer from these changes are the poor. We in the North and West are relatively insulated against such changes for a while but those who live on the margins are not. Not only do they find it more and more difficult to make a living; loss of resources forces them to migrate; many of the refugees we see crossing the Mediterranean are not fleeing war but economic collapse caused by desertification in North Africa. However, Pope Francis goes further and puts much of the blame for this growing environmental disaster on the consumerism which drives the world economies. When you think of it, it is obvious that the goal of ever increasing growth for economies in a finite world is unsustainable. Yet that remains the basic aim of all countries. It can’t be done and even in the short term it is simply destroying the world. We cannot just tinker with this; we have to change it radically and the first change has to be ourselves. We need conversion to realise that we have to think globally, to care about Sister Earth, to care for our common home and to think about the needs of other people far away. Pope Francis describes a great deal that has gone wrong, yet this is not a pessimistic or doom laden encyclical. He reminds us that God is here. God is working in the world. God has given humankind extraordinary skills and knowledge. We can put this situation right, at least if we work with God but we have to start now! The encyclical calls for a whole range of different kinds of actions: (i) agreements between countries such as the one made in Paris last month; (ii) continually improving our recycling record and eliminating waste. It is a shocking fact that a third of the world’s food is wasted somewhere along the line; (iii) we need much study to follow up his leads on a developed creation theology and the spirituality which should underlie the kind of conversion we need; (iv) much work needs to be done to develop a different kind of economic system which does not destroy the world we live in. No one pretends this will be easy but it has to be done. As our brother Jacob reminded us during the discussion, if we do  not care for the world the world will reject us. It is not the world that will die; we will die out. Francis also reminds us of the spirituality of St The rese of Lisieux. Little actions are enough to save the world. The re just have to be lots and lots of them".

From Fr Oswin CR: We’ve kept warm and dry this Christmas (apart from a rather wet walk on Christmas day afternoon up the lanes and back across the fields), played games around the fireside (guess the novel and author from a precis of the plot), sung God’s praises and celebrated Christ’s Mass. Marc and Andrew, our Postulants, set up the crib (traditionally a task and privilege here which falls to the newest comers) and helped decorate the large tree which still stands in a corner of the Front Hall. Mirfield was affected by the floods around Boxing Day: the road to the railway station was cut off and Kingdom Hall flooded. The Calder was very high and fast but the town hasn’t been nearly as badly affected as many parts - even locally - and surely some places close to the hearts of some Companions CR will have suffered much. Please be assured the thoughts and prayers of the Brothers have been with families and communities flooded this Christmastide. Now we’ve completed three days of very welcome post-Christmas day retreat and we’re embarking on the January Chapter, which will include a discussion of Pope Francis’ timely Encycical Laudato Si’, addressed to all men and women of good will on the environment and our interconnectedness, our politics and our economics. Unusually for us, we’ve all read it - I wonder what will come from such an exercise of seeking together clearer understanding of God’s purposes and doing so in conscious dialogue with other Christians.

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