News from 2008

December 2008 Dominic CR advises that somebody has 40 years of “CR Review” which need to be moved out of her house fairly soon. Would anybody like to give these a good home or do you know of a library or archive where these would be well received? If so, please make contact as soon as possible. Thank you.
Fr Nicolas has returned from Romania. You can read his thoughts here
Picture Prayer Meditation for December 2008 from the Community church is here
Fr Nicolas is off to Romania on Thursday 10th having stopped overnight at Ros Johnson's house in St Albans where he will meet some people interested in CR’s work. The main purpose of the visit to Romania is to put in place arrangements for the next Congress of Religious which will take place near Sibiu in the centre of Transylvania. The Congress itself will take place at the monastery of Sambata de Sus. For photographs of the Monastery and Conference Centre, please click here.
Discussions are still taking place about the new plans for the church. It is envisaged that work will start in September 2009 and last around 18 months. During that time, worship is likely to take place in the current refectory, with meals taken either in the Community room or in the new refectory over at the college. The latest architectural plans for the church interior are bold and exciting and include - amongst many other things - a "river of life" feature along the whole length of the (levelled) church floor, a full immersion font at the west end and the present sacristry being transformed into a new chapel. The final decisions have not yet been made but fundraising will start in earnest soon, beginning with specialist grant applications followed by a campaign to secure pledged giving and major donations.
The 2008 Companions Retreat was held at the Community between 5 and 8 December. Please click here to see a selection of images from this Advent retreat
November 2008 26 Nov: Information from Fr George Guiver, Superior regarding the major works required to the Community Church, building the new Monastery and the sale of St Francis House, Hemingford Grey - please click here
From Fr Nicolas on 25 November: "I brought back some batiks from my last visit to Zimbabwe and have found these are very popular. I am hoping to bring back a lot more when I go again in January and would like to make them a key feature of my talk to the Companions at the meeting at Southwark Cathedral on 31st January. The photographs show what I have already have; I will bring back mostly shopping bags and cushion covers in time for the meeting". Do please have a look at the photographs (click here) and if there are any items you would particularly like from Fr Nicolas, please let him know.
From Fr Nicolas on 18 November: "Next week I am going to a French Convent with the marvellous name of Bouzy; it’s near Orleans and in the orbit of the famous St Benoit sur Loire, Fleury where lie the bones of St Benedict. The group of us meeting there are an ecumenical group, part of the CIR – so we will be Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox and Reformed, all monks and nuns. There will be about eight of us preparing for the next Congress in Sibiu next year and talking about ecumenical matters".
Fr Nicolas reports: "The Community has been considering the plans which the architects have made for the renovating (or, as they like to say, the revitalising) of the Community church. These are colourful and imaginative and, on the whole, the Brethren are excited about them, although the discussion continues".
St Francis House, Hemingford Grey, is to be sold. For details, please click here
For a resume of how the seven continuous days of prayer ("24/7 Prayer") faired, please click here. Photograph of the prayer pebbles.
On 5 November, Fr Andrew Horsfall from the Diocese of Blackburn made his First Oblation at the Community mass. The Companions offer our congratulations and prayers.
We are sad to report that Novice Neil has left CR. For him, the call to being a parish priest was too strong; this is where he feels he can do God's work most effectively and we of course wish him well.
From Fr Nicolas on 2 Nov: "Tonight we start the Seven Days of prayer, day and night, particularly for young people, that they will come to faith in Christ and let God change their lives. As well the vigil of prayer that will be kept by at least one person every hour throughout this week, there will be several other events; daily rosary and Exposition with Benediction in the afternoons; a reading of one of the Gospels; guided mediations, talks on prayer and some singing and musical events. We hope local people will come in and join us throughout the week. Can we ask you, the reader, to pray with us wherever you are? If anyone wishes to add an intercession of any kind to be prayed for during this week please email it to me:"
Advertisement for Fundraising Manager
October 2008 The latest CR Quarterly Review can now be viewed and downloaded from this site: please click here
An innovative blog has been set up for CR Companions in Scotland. It can be found here
LOOK 2008 is launched: a new project which will benefit the eyesight of hundreds of people in Zimbabwe every month!
Miss Joyce Pullon, a Companion for over 40 years, has died. Despite her age she was an enthusiastic member of the revamped St Alban's local group and participated in the group's Quiet Day at Edgware Abbey as recently as 13 September. She will be missed by many people both within and outside the Community.
An account of Fr Nicolas' recent visit to Zimbabwe can be found here
Fr Antony departs on 22 September for a three month, three faith Sabbatical in Jerusalem, staying at St George's Cathedral Hostel/Guest House. He returns to Mirfield on 18 December, having left Jerusalem on 10 December. We pray for a safe, peaceful and fulfilling journey.
September 2008 Joseph Hobson from the North East of England begins his probationer year as an Oblate of the Community. We ask that Companions continue to pray for Joseph whilst he discerns his vocation.
August 2008 A television film crew from South Africa decended on the Community at Mirfield! The channel is producing a documentary about the life of Desmond Tutu, who was influenced at an early age by the Community of the Resurrection in South Africa.

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