News from 2009

December 2009 Sermon preached by Fr Timothy 27 December.
From Jonathan Pape, Appeal Manager: "We are now able to accept tax efficient donations from US taxpayers because we are supported by the 'American Fund for Charities'". Donations can be made here
From Fr George Guiver, Superior, regarding the Centenary Church Appeal: "We have decided to abandon what was the most controversial aspect of the project, the polychrome floor design. It will still be tiles and there may be a river of life but the floor won't be highly coloured. There were too many objections and we ourselves had several unresolvable problems about it, although we shall be sorry to lose other aspects of the design".

From Fr Nicolas: "I spent some days last week with the Deaconess Community at Riehen, near Basel . The main purpose of this was a committee meeting of the International Congress of Religious (CIR) – a group which organises a Congress every two years for monks and nuns from all the different denominations around Europe . Our group of seven consisted of three RCs, one Lutheran, one Swiss Reformed, an Orthodox and me. As far as nationalities went it was two English, one French, one Belgian, one German, one Swiss and a Romanian. We talked business about the next Congress (with a Protestant community in Bavaria) but also talked a lot about the difficulties the Orthodox have relating to the ecumenical movement at the moment. We also discussed some general ecumenical issues such as – if we are all baptised into the Body of Christ, how can there be real divisions between us? Are they simply of our own making? CIR is not an academic conference. Our emphasis is on life together and prayer. So it was lovely to share the sisters’ excellent worship and we also went to vespers at a nearby Benedictine Abbey. The sisters also fed us fantastically well. I hadn’t realised the Swiss ate so well! The fruit of this meeting (as with all our other meetings) has been to reinvigorate us all with a desire to read, work and pray for that unity which is so elusive yet so essential to the integrity of the Body of Christ. Also the meeting has deepened our bonds of friendship and mutual understanding; we feel we are a kind of community in pilgrimage, living out the reality of ecumenism and experiencing within ourselves the unity of the religious life. It is a marvellous privilege but one we would like to share as widely as possible. One thing that makes it difficult to share is the weakness of Anglican religious life at the moment. Very few communities can spare sisters or brothers for this work; yet I feel that if we want to revive Religious Life in the Anglican world we need to be ecumenical about it and draw inspiration and strength from each other".

A Thanksgiving Eucharist for St Francis House, Hemingford Grey was held on 12 December. Some 60 people were present, including Bishop John Flack and, from the Community, George, Crispin, Antony, Aidan, Simon and Stephen. The house is now up for sale: see here for details.

Appeal update: during December, "Advocates" will continue to seek generous gifts from the prospective major donors and the Appeal team will be sending out the Appeal brochures to CR's supporters. The Fundraising Manager is planning a fringe event for General Synod and a dinner for a few potentially very big donors. Both of these events will take place in London during February.

Sermon preached by Fr George Guiver, Superior of the Community of the Resurrection at the Community Church Sunday 6 December 2009 
Church Times Caption Competition - the suggestions 
The Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) meets on 11 December to decide its formal view on the proposed church plans. A DAC Certificate will be issued in due course which will enable the Faculty application process to commence.

The Community is still worshipping in the Church but this weekend’s Companions’ Retreat is likely to be the last group in there. It has now become too cold for use. As the retreatants are eating with the brethren, it was decided to stay in the refectory for meals until Monday 7 December and then move out to make way for it to become the Church. The brethren will then be eating in the Community Room (which holds 20) and in the Guest Parlour as an overflow. On the one occasion this was tried this out, the Community Room worked quite well, despite a row of books collapsing and one brother bumping his head on a library light!

Fr Oswin reports that the rain gauge at Mirfield was filled to overflowing last week!
Interviews for the new Site Manager have been taking place (there were over 200 enquiries and more than 70 applicants). An appointment has now been made and the person will start in March next year. One consequence is that the rooms near the main door are being re-configured to make an extra space for his office. The sewing room is being divided and there will be a larger space as an overflow for the bookshop. The guestbrothers have moved in with the Companions’ Office (thanks to the generosity of Fr Nicolas and Linda) and should now be more accessible near the retreat house (at least occasionally). At the moment there is plenty of stone dust flying!
A lady from London has visited the Community to discuss creating a labyrinth for prayer meditation in the grounds. The present idea is to have a turf one on the cricket field.
November 2009 Photograph from the Church Times of Archbishop Desmond Tutu blessing the foundation stone of the new monastery.
Following recent press coverage the Community has produced a paper discussing the issues which necessitate the proposed reordering of the church. Click here to read the paper.
The levelling of Mirfield Church - article from the Daily Telegraph 14 November 2009
Letters regarding proposed reordering at Mirfield from the Superior's Council and the Rev Wealands Bell published in the Church Times 13 November 2009
Provisional date for the next "Summer school" (the name may change): 14 to 18 September 2011
Letter written by Vanessa Dixon, CR Companion, to the Church Times in response to the letter published on 6 November
Report of the CCR London meeting on 7 November 2009, including Fr Nicolas' resume of how Companions can reflect the Community's characteristics
"Concern over planned re-ordering at Mirfield" - a letter from the Church Times of 6 November 2009
Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been staying very quietly with the Community for a week, accompanied by one of his sons in law. He has been coming to worship and meals, chatting most affectionately with those he knew from CR’s days in South Africa and saying a few words to us all in his inimitably informal style. On 7 November, Archbishop Desmond blessed the foundation stone of the new monastery, with prayer, incense and holy water, as it lay on the ground approximately where it will be sited once the building starts. The stone itself is inscribed with a phrase from  Ephesians 2:19f and 1 Peter 2:4-7 was read by Crispin CR. Here is the Archbishop’s most moving prayer: "God of love, we praise your holy name for you have made us your temple by baptism and inspire us to build on earth places dedicated to your worship. Look favourably upon us who have come with joy to dedicate the foundation stone of this new monastery. Enable the Community to grow into the temple of your glory, until, shaped anew by your grace, they are gathered by your hand into your heavenly city. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen". Then +Desmond went straight on to a celebrate the Eucharist over the wall at Christ the King parish church as the start of a 200 strong all day vocations conference, which he attended and addressed. 
Article from "The Northern Echo" - "Community of the Resurrection, near Mirfield, may have claim on finds"
Letter published in "The Mirfield Reporter" - "Think again over Mirfield church"
October 2009 Sermon preached by Joe Kennedy, Principal of the College of the Resurrection on Foundation Day (SS Simon and Jude: 28 October 2009) at the Church  of the Community of the Resurrection
"New 'must' at Mirfield" - article from the Church Times of 23 October regarding compulsory attendance of students at the weekly College Eucharist.
The Community is advertising for a Site Manager at the handsome salary of £40,000 per annum - see the advertisement here
Sermon preached by Fr Simon 25 October.
From Fr Nicolas 19 October - This weekend we had a Chapter here at Mirfield - just talking rally - no big things decided. Now we are embarking on the oblates week, only the oblates are not very good at turning up! There should be about 10 but in fact there are likely to be just four.
10 October  - from Fr Nicolas: "I have just returned from doing taking part in a clergy training day at Bodmin in Cornwall. I talked about confession and another priest talked about anointing. The interesting thing is that more than the usual number turned up to hear it (about 40). Since practically none of them had heard of me I assume it was the subject not the speaker which brought them. I had taken ten copies of my book on confession, which were all bought within five minutes and everyone else ordered a copy. It seems that, even though most people don’t go to confession, everyone wants to know about it. Interesting!"
A Prayer Support Group for the appeal has been set up. A monthly email will be sent out asking for specific prayers and informing the group of the specific dates when important decisions are being made about the appeal. Jean Haigh, of the Companions of CR, is leading the Prayer Support Group and you can contact her by emailing
From Fr Nicolas 3 October: "We have a group of 9 SCM people led by Joe Nagel and we are reading R.S Thomas' poetry together. We also have a group of 12 parishioners from St Peter's Horbury who are here for a Quiet Day. At the Mirfield Centre about 50 people have come to hear the novellist Sally Vickers talk. Sadly, as I am looking after the other two groups I can't get to hear her talk. The one thing that is missing is the Brethren; most of them are away. John has just gone off to preach at a Walsingham festival at Tong Moor. We are hoping Fr Peter will get back in time for Evensong tonight so that we can sing it!"
Following on from the successful RooT Conference (with speakers Fr Darren Smith, General Secretary of the Additional Curates Society, Dr Markus Pound, Assistant Director of the Centre for Catholic Studies, Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University and Professor Andrew Walker of the Department of Education and Religion, King's College London) which drew over a dozen Religious including several CR Brethren, this past weekend saw a very full Retreat House as the Community hosted the Catholic Societies Vocations Conference. Speakers included the chairman of the conference, Fr John Brownsell SSC; Fr Mark North SSC; Fr James McCluskey SSC; Fr Haley Dosser SSC; Fr Nicholas Spicer SSC; Br Maximillian SSF; Fr Oliver Coss and Fr Philip Corbett. They were also joined by the Bishop of Pontefract, Tony Robinson who led a session on Parish Ministry and the Bishop's charge was given by Bishop Martyn of Beverley. Mention was made of the RooT DVD "All for Christ" in case there were any who were curious about the Religious Life. Some did indicate an interest which was also encouraging. The Conference participants joined the CR brethren for some of the Offices in the Community Church and for Mattins and Mass on Sunday morning. In between workshops and sessions there was free time on Saturday with Exposition and Benediction in the Community's Lower church. There was also opportunity for Confessions and Spiritual counsel. Meals were taken in the New Refectory and the Conference itself had use of the Retreat House Common Room and Guest Parlour. The Conference was particularly grateful to all the Brethren of the Community who welcomed them into their Community and supported their plans with enthusiasm and prayer. Special thanks go to the Guest Brothers (Fr Oswin and Br Barnabas) in addition to the brethren in Residence during the weekend: Fr Crispin Cr and Br Steven CR
September 2009 Sermon preached by Fr Crispin on 27 September when the Catholic Societies Vocations Conference was at Mirfield
A new group on Facebook entitled I Love CR has been started by recently admitted Companion Matthew Askey and Fr Nicolas. It is described as being "for all of us who love the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield and want to continue to support CR's activities, sharing in living the Resurrection life Jesus has called us to witness; for news and events at CR and as a forum for fans of Mirfield and the monastic life; for fun, friendship and prayer; for the growth of God's Kingdom among us".
The ten staff members from Hemingford Grey are visiting to give the Community a chance to thank them for their years of excellent service to the retreat ministry. There will be a closing service at Hemingford Grey on Saturday 12 December at 12 noon to which everyone is invited, followed by a buffet. On that date the house will close. In order to help plan for catering, please contact if you intend to come.
The ROOT conference is currently taking place in the House, that is the Religious of Orthodox Tradition (Orthodox referring to Anglicans of a certain integrity who feel the future lies in holding on to traditional teaching and practices in Anglican religious life). There are about a dozen visitors, mostly sisters. One concern is to see how a new DVD on Anglican Religious Life “All for God” could best be distributed. It was agreed that it needs a kind of pack to go with it to encourage questions and discussion and to indicate where more information can be obtained. The DVD is available through Mirfield Publications; it has interviews with several CR brethren as well as those of other communities. Also on the agenda is "Receptive Ecumenism" and "Deep Christianity".
16 September: Today a young priest from Romania arrived (actually at 1.00 a.m. so Fr Oswin and Br Barnabas had an interrupted night) to stay for a month. Fr Ciprian is a reminder of CR's ecumenical links and their importance in the Community’s vocation. Also currently staying is a small group of four from Chester who come regularly for 24 hours “Contemplative Prayer” experience. 
Appeal update: The Centenary Church Appeal was officially launched at a drinks reception on Thursday 10 September by Bishop Jack Nicholls, Chairman of the Appeal. Also present was the Mayor of Kirklees and some 50 other honoured guests, including two baronets (one of whom is ordained) and the Bishop of Pontefract. The progress of the Appeal can be followed on the Community's website. It is anticipated that building works will not now commence until November.
The new Guestmaster at Mirfield is Fr Oswin and we bid him a warm welcome to this role on behalf of all the Companions, many of whom will pass through his hands in the coming months and years!
Following the success of this year's Summer School, it is planned to hold a similar event in 2011 to overlap, as before, the Companions Day. Details will of course appear here in due course.

It is planned to hold not one but two Companions Days in 2010. This is in recognition of the geographic spread of Companions across the UK. Accordingly, one will be held in the North of England on Saturday 29 May, 2010 at St Olave's church in York and one in the South of England on Saturday 18 September, 2010 at Canterbury Cathedral (although both are open to any Companions or Friends). Further details about the Canterbury event can be found here.

Sermon preached by Fr Nicolas 6 September
Report of Fr Nicolas's latest visit to Zimbabwe and the establishment of Tariro House of Hope.
Sermon preached by the Rev Canon Andrew Nunn at the September meeting of the CCR London Group. Subject: The Companions' Rule
2 September: From Fr Nicolas "I returned from Zimbabwe today having had three weeks out there with Rachel Beck (a Companion) and a former student Fr John Livesley and his wife Naomi. I drove over 1,000 miles and together we visited three orphanages, stayed several days with CZR sisters, taught seminarians and St Agnes Guild girls in Masvingo, visited two other communities of sisters and one of men, sharing in equipping and setting up Tariro House. Some of us also road elephants!"
August 2009 Sermon for the 12th Sunday after Trinity given in the Community Church: click here
An appeal drinks reception at Mirfield is planned for September, with one envisaged in the south of England next year. The Fundraiser advises that everything is on course to recruit 20 "Advocates", each of whom will approach between two and five prospective donors who are able to give at least £5,000. People able to give smaller amounts will be targetted later in the Campaign.
It is planned to produce Mirfield Christmas cards completely in-house, using the photocopier/printer to print directly onto 210gsm card. Mirfield's standard C6 envelopes will be used with packets to take 10 cards and envelopes. It is hoped to have information about this in the next CR Quarterly. 

Archbishop Desmond Tutu will be giving the Keynote Address at this year's Vocations Conference at Mirfield on Saturday 7th November.  He will also be laying a Foundation Stone for the new Monastery.

Sermon for the 10th Sunday after Trinity given in the Community Church: click here

The big event this week is the Christophorus conference. About 40 from Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia will be coming; both Catholics and Lutherans. It is named in honour of the late brother Christopher Lowe CR, who actually died in Warsaw following a fall there. His main interest for many years was travelling behind the Iron Curtain to encourage ecumenism and the spiritual and religious life, at that time oppressed by Communist authorities. He did this secretly on a tourist visa, claiming he was on holiday, visiting friends (as indeed he was). They were all devoted to him. His greatest achievement was to bring German and Polish monks and nuns together, to get them to accept each other. He continued his work after the fall of Communism, visiting more widely. After he died this movement was founded to continue his work. Peter CR has taken a break from his sabbatical to be with them during their week here. There will be Catholic and Lutheran eucharists in church and everyone will come to them, as well as to the Anglican ones. The official languages of the conference will be German and Polish. Some English translation may be provided. The Community's fellow monks from St Matthias Abbey, Trier and Huysburg will be coming, making this their official annual visit (they visit CR each year and next year CR visits them).

Sermon for the 9th Sunday after Trinity given in the Community Church: click here
July 2009 Sermon preached at the end of General Chapter: click here
Extracts from Fr Thomas Seville's addresses to the General Synod as reported in the Church Times
A selection of Powerpoint slides shown at the annual Companions Day showing the proposed new monastery can be found here (it is a large file so please be patient!). 
A copy of the Powerpoint presentation given at the annual Companions Day can be downloaded here (it is a large file so please be patient!). This shows how a photograph of a spark of light emanating from a sparkler became the inspiration for the revolutionary redesign of the Community church
Information about the latest book by Fr George Guiver, "Vision upon Vision" can be found here
Sermon for the 12 July 2009: click here
Immediately after the end of the Summer School the Community's General Chapter began and this continues towards the end of the month. For the week commencing 13 July, the majority of the brothers are on silent retreat at Hemingford Grey.
The list of points in response to questions posed at the 2009 Companions and Associates Day may be seen here
Please click here to see photographs taken at the 2009 Companions and Associates Day
Please click here to see photographs taken at the 2009 CR Summer School
Sermon for the 4th Sunday after Trinity given in the Community Church: click here
1 July: the Companion's Chaplain, Fr Nicolas, is now attending the Congress of International Interconfessional Religious in Romania. The Diocese of Wakefield is holding its pre-ordination retreat at Mirfield
June 2009 The final timetable for the Summer School is now available here.
Sermon for the 2nd Sunday after Trinity given in the Community Church: click here
The inaugural meeting of the Companions and Friends of the Community of the Resurrection, Diocese of Chichester Branch, consisting of a solemn Eucharist and address followed by lunch, will be held on Saturday 8 August, 2009 at 12 noon. The Guest Speaker will be Bishop Robert Mercer CR. Please see here for a poster and here for further details
The daily intercessions for July through to October are now available here. Around this time there are many Ordinations of Deacons and Priests from the Wakefield Ministry Scheme, Yorkshire Ministry Course and from the College of the Resurrection (CoR). The names of former students from the CoR are included in these intercessions.
The latest edition of the CR Quarterly Review has been published and is available to view here. It is important that this quality publication remains viable: please read the new Subscription Form 
Information about members of the Appeal Committee can now be found here
8 June - Fr Peter Alan comes back for a few days from his sabbatical and will share with us in hosting the largely RC conference of Monastic Superiors, mostly Benedictine monks and nuns.
On 5 June Fr Nicolas went down to London to attend the annual festival of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, who have been very generous to some of CR's causes in Zimbabwe. There was a splendid gathering at St Alban’s Holborn with about 200 people present at the mass, followed by lunch and then a procession round the streets carrying the Blessed Sacrament. 
Those planning the Summer School met on 5 June to put the final touches to the programme.
Fr Nicolas reports that the Companions pilgrimage to Walsingham was a great success: "The English pilgrims were joined by Jessica Mullin from Barbados and Bill Ryon from USA. The weather was fantastic and it was a very happy weekend".
May 2009 It is now possible to download a Gift Aid form and/or Standing Order from for the Community Church Centenary Appeal
A number of interesting items have recently been added to the Resources page - please take a look!
An account of Fr Nicolas's latest visit to Zimbabwe, including photographs, can be found here
The Annual Accounts of the Community of the Resurrection for the last six years are now available as links from this site: please se the Resources page
Sermon for the 4th Sunday after Easter given in the Community Church: click here
A large group gathered for the recent day led by Sr Celia Goodman CJ entitled "When God Goes Missing", dealing with the way God is sometimes silent during prayer time. Simon CR presided over the Eucharist and led the singing from the High Altar, with Aidan CR playing the organ.
Oswin CR and Barnabas CR recently hosted the "Benedict Green CR Memorial Lecture". Entitled "Truth - Learning from Thomas Aquinas in a pluralist world", this was given by Fergus Kerr OP. Fergus is a world class scholar and speaker and the event, held at the Mirfield Centre, was packed. 

April 2009

Appeal update: Bishop Jack Nicholls has agreed to chair the fundraising campaign for the £2m required to repair and reorder the Community Church at Mirfield. Both the Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have agreed to be joint Patrons. The first meeting of the fundraising team will be in May and it is planned to launch the formal fundraising appeal soon after that, once the grants campaign has been completed. The Bursar at Mirfield, Ruth Lindsey, has opened a separate bank account for the appeal and is accepting donations thereto. A professional fund raiser, Jonathan Pape, has started work full time next to the Bursary and two ladies are working full time in the Bursary to update and consolidate the database. Visits from the local authority and the Diocesan Advisory Committee have recently taken place and it appears as though the plans which the architects have prepared will be acceptable, with a few adjustments.
Low Sunday sermon in the Community Church 19 April 2009: click here
An updated list of Companions for Tuesday intercessions has been produced by Linda Blenkinship and is available here
Fr Peter Allen CR is currently on sabbatical
Following on from the item in last month's news, it has been confirmed that the Borthwick Institute has accepted the CR Quarterly Reviews accumulated over 40 years by Nona Harvey, Companion. However, there are a few "gaps" in this collection. Please click here to see these and if you are able to supply a copy of the missing periodicals, please contact Fr Antony.
4 April: Many of the brethren are just about to depart for Holy Week assignments (as listed in the intercessions leaflet). The College takes over for Holy Week at Mirfield and has lots of guests.

Fr Antony reports that the spring flowers around the Community are looking wonderful.

Carl Melville has set up a website to cover the projects in Zimbabwe. Please see Zimbabwe Mission

March 2009

Photographs of the 14 Stations of the Cross in the Community Church have now been added to this site, courtesy of Nigel Williams.

Text of a talk given by Fr James Lawson at the meeting on 7 March, 2009 of the CCR London Group. Subject: Charles Gore and the founding of the Community of the Resurrection
For details of the Reading Day on Saturday 18 April, 2009 for Thinkers, Lay Readers and Clergy using the Community Library and the facilities of the Community, please click here.
From Fr Antony: "For those who think we live peaceful lives of recollection, prayer and worship: this weekend is not only a Chapter weekend but also a YMC (Yorkshire Ministry Course, previously Northern Ordination Course) weekend. There are sessions at the College and every room in the retreat house and annexe is full. Further, it is my turn to be chaplain and to attend as many events as don’t conflict with Chapter, plus in the intervals to make myself available for any YMC students who want one to one conversation!".
Fr Thomas has been planting some Rowan trees at the bottom of the cricket field. This is hard work, because under the grass it is all rubble, dumped there to make the ground level!
6 March - Fr Antony reports: "This weekend we have a Chapter when we’ll be discussing the new building and the renewed church and where to store things from the church, which has to be completely cleared seeing that all wall and floor surfaces will be renewed or altered. The floor will be at the same level from one end to the other, with under floor heating. Also the appeal will be discussed".
The many years of old CR Quarterly Reviews (see December 2008 News) may be accepted by the Borthwick Institute, which holds the records of members of Church of England Religious Communities, with particular concerns regarding contemporary theology and pastoral issues.
A letter in this week's Church Times mentions the proposed closure of the Community's retreat house at Hemingford Grey. Please click here to read this. A group of Companions has offered to take on the running of the house (at no cost to CR) but this proposal has not been accepted as CR is dependent on disposing of it in order to fulfil its own building plans. However, CR is prepared to consider transferring the house out of its own portfolio and into an independent trust, if it receives the equivalent of its market value. Unfortunately, those who are enthusiastic and energised about preserving and continuing to run St Francis House are unable to find funding of this level in the short term; a proper fund raising appeal would need to be launched and even then there is but a slim chance the target would have been reached by spring 2010, when CR anticipates drawing on the sale proceeds (or, in a worse case scenario, by September this year to prevent the house being placed on the open market). If anybody reading this is able to (or knows anybody who is able to) donate a sizeable sum of money or to assist in any way with a fund raising campaign, please make contact. Thank you. (N.B. there is no intention whatsoever to take any potential donations away from CR's own fundraising efforts for the Community church).
February 2009 "Nobody's child" - a unique CD capturing the heart of Zimbabwe will shortly be available. Featuring the Shearly Cripps Orphans and Tariro Tabarana Youth, this costs just £10. Fr Nicolas comments "This is a rather remarkable CD recording of Zimbabwean youngsters singing. I was very pleasantly surprised at how good they are. We are anxious to sell a lot as it will build up our funds for Zimbabwe which have been heavily utilised of late". Please help the important work in which the Community is actively engaged in Zimbabwe by ordering a CD, perhaps for your church. Order From here. Photograph here
Update on the proposed new monastery: it is now hoped that work on this, the plans for which have been trimmed, will commence in September and take only a year to complete. It will adjoin the Community Church at the western end of the north side.
Picture Prayer Meditation for February 2008 from the Community church is here
Fr Thomas Seville CR has contributed to the debate at General Synod on "Church as Communion", from the 19 year old second Anglo-Roman Catholic International Commission. As reported in the Church Times, he said that the report had worn well over the years but it had not addressed mission as comprehensively as a modern report would in the face of the rapid process of decline of Christianity in both public and personal life. He hoped that the churches would now more seriously consider the importance of doing mission together. One example of this was the importance of Anglican retreat houses being shared ecumenically, as "the luxury" of their being solely Anglican was no longer affordable.
Bookings are now being taken for the CR Summer School to be held at Mirfield between 2 and 6 July, including the annual Companions and Associates Day on 4 July (see immediately below). The theme of the Summer School will be "Liturgy" and a draft timetable of addresses, reflections, discussions, relaxations and music is being drawn up. The focus will be directed towards where CR will be going. It will not be a retrospective or historical analysis of Liturgy but, rather, a forward look at how Companions and Associates can contribute to the exciting prospects at which CR is looking and including how Mission can play a key part as Mirfield looks to the future. The minimum suggested donation for attending this important event is £150, including full board. Please download a Booking Form here. The closing date for bookings is 18 June. Places are limited.
Details of the 2009 Companions and Associates Day are here
A copy of the address given by the Rev Canon Andrew Nunn to the recent meeting of the St Albans and London CCR local groups is available here
Following a very successful gathering at Southwark Cathedral, a new CCR London local group has been formed and feelers are being put out regarding new networks in Oxford and along the South Coast. For further information, please view the latest Newsletter from the St Alban's Diocese Network.
A report on Fr Nicolas' recent visit to Zimbabwe, including photographs, can be found here (Long(ish) download - please be patient - it is worth it!). Further photographs are here. 
January 2009 From Antony CR: "With the increasing polarisation in the church (as indeed in the world), with many people withdrawing into self-imposed ghettos or fortresses, CR is coming to feel more and more the importance of its stance, of embracing as far as may be differences of churchmanship, traditions, integrities: this work of reconciliation is indeed what is laid upon all Christians by the Gospel and is particularly characteristic of the Anglican Communion at its best".
16 January - Antony CR: "The monastery week concludes tomorrow. Tonight there will be a social with people reading some favourite comic or serious verse or story, plus wine and soft drinks. There are two very likeable and lively young men here. Each day there have been discussions led by a brother, with others participating too, covering community and relationships, hospitality and ministry, obedience, silence, prayer, and decision making. Similarly three sessions of Lectio divina, collective and reflective bible study, using the gospel reading for the next day, gardening, visits to the community archives, church cleaning, washing up and walks. These sessions are at least as valuable for us as for our guests and are certainly very refreshing".
Antony CR reports: "Our Christmas Chapter was encouraging in that the decision making continues for the renovation of the church and the preliminary plans for the new monastery building next to it. Decision making is necessarily slow when everyone from 90 year olds to brethren half their age or less are able and encouraged to participate but hopefully decisions made will be accepted, with enthusiasm by some, with a good grace by others but on the whole without resentment. Because we want the new monastery building to be as environmentally friendly as possible, we are investigating heating with wood chips, thus only putting back carbon dioxide which has already been taken out". Any readers of this page who have experience of biomass heating, please let Antony CR know.
The Companions Day on 4 July will include a table top sale in aid of Fr Nicolas's Zimbabwe appeal. Please save your unwanted gifts or anything you feel might be sellable and bring these items along on the day.
Arrangements have now been finalised for the annual CR pilgrimage to Walsingham. This year it will take place from 29 May to 1 June at a cost of £135.65, to cover full board from Friday evening's supper to Monday morning's breakfast. To reserve a place or for further details, please contact Geoff Dignum.
3 January - the Community is in the midst of Chapter at the moment; holding many hours of largely amicable discussions, mostly about the new buildings
The latest Companions List is now available here. Hard copies of this can be obtained from the Companions office for £1 each, including postage and packing. Grateful thanks to Linda Blenkinship for her work on this.

Fr Nicolas is going to Zimbabwe again on 11 January, with Carl Melville from the College. Fr Nicolas says: "Why go at this time when cholera is raging and life is so hard. Well  various people have been so generous with money that it seems essential to go and see how it is being spent and to take some of it with us. That way we keep in touch with the needs of the country, at least in the places we visit. Also, we are taking out a very large number of spectacles which we have collected here to help a wonderful eye doctor out there give free treatment to people who need it. To help pay for the trip and add to the funds I hope to bring back a whole lot of batiks for people to buy at the CR day at Southwark in January. However, Carl, Andrew and I go not just to ‘do good’ - though we hope we will - but because we love it. We love the people and are inspired by them. We love the country and its beauty. We love the Christians who have such a strong faith that God is good. It’s a privilege to be an Anglican in Zimbabwe in a time like this". Photographs here  Prayer leaflet here

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