News from the Community of the Resurrection 2012  

December 2012 The front panel of the new altar in the Resurrection Chapel, with its sculpture of the meal at Emmaus, has now been installed and looks very fine. It has been given by Tony Haynes and his family in memory of Christina, who for many years was a much-loved member of the administrative staff at the College. The other sides of the altar are temporary, to be completed as funds come in. See the pictures of the new altar here.
From Fr John: "Dear Companions, As Christmas approaches I write to wish you all the blessings of the Christ Child. I do so in the immediate wake of the terrible deaths of the children in Connecticut. Christ our Lord came ‘down to such a world as this’ – the slaughter of the Holy Innocents, war in Palestine, refugees, poverty and hunger. He didn’t have to come but he emptied himself of glory in order to share in the suffering of this world. Why? Because God loved the world so much that he gave... Those of us who follow a rule of life in the spirit of the Resurrection believe in that love. This is the love born in a stable, crucified on Calvary that walked alongside the disciples on the road to Emmaus. May he walk with us in 2013 and may his love be seen in our lives and actions. Yours in the Risen Christ, John Gribben CR"
Andrew CR died during the evening of Sunday 9 December after a prolonged infirmity. His requiem will be at Mirfield at 11.30am on Tuesday 18 December. 
What Thomas CR said at the General Synod here (from The Church Times)
November 2012 * UPDATED * Report about the recent visit of Fr Oswin and Fr Nicolas to Romania here
From Fr John: "Dear Friends and Companions, by now most of you will have heard about the Auction day. It was a most enjoyable experience reminiscent of the atmosphere of the old Commem. Contact with Christian institutions would be pretty rare for many of the people who mingled with Companions, students and Brethren on that day. We have made £51,000 so far with the possibility of selling a couple of things which did not reach their reserved prices on the day and with gift aid on many of the donated items we could well reach £60,000+ - a similar total to last year. Remember then it was a once-off event aspiring to make £10,000. I have received many congratulations and thanks but I can only take credit for the idea. The rest was the result of the efforts and generosity of many hundreds of people. The Companions have responded with an enthusiasm akin to the war effort. They have given of time, imagination and donated many of the roughly 2,000 items that made up the 400+ lots. Many helped by publicising the event and the power of their love and prayer has sustained me. I have also had the help given freely by many experts in the world of fine arts, auctioneering and journalism. The Brethren have been patient with me and supported me with time, humour and brute strength. Of course George, the auctioneer and Shirley his assistant deserve special thanks for making the day into the professional and entertaining event that it turned out to be. The question was asked five minutes after the auction was over and often since: ‘Will there be another one?’ My immediate reaction was ‘Not in my lifetime.’ Now I would say that it is too early to make that decision. We are still in dire need of money, so many people enjoyed the auction and it was such good publicity for the Community and the College. My brother would love to conduct another one. On the other hand it is quite hard and time consuming work, I may not have storage space for next year and the stuff might not be out there to donate. I would like to hear from Companions 1) If they would like to have another one 2) If people have small items like jewellery, watches, napkin rings, Dinky toys etc. Depending on the response by the beginning of Lent I might know whether there is enthusiasm and support for another one and take a decision then. Meanwhile I am now Chaplain to the Companions and I want to give attention to that task. I will be responding over the next few weeks to those who have written to me in the past few months (if I miss you out please write again). I want to take time to consider how I can best help our family to live as Companions of the Risen Jesus and to play our part in the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. Please keep me in your prayers. Yours sincerely in Christ, John CR".
Poster for the Advent Carol service at Mirfield on 9 December here
Article from the Daily Mail about the auction
Photographs here from the CR Grand Auction held 10 November 2012. Early reports indicate that the amount raised at this auction was in the region of £50,000.
Photographs here from CR's first Apple Weekend 2 to 4 November 2012
Podcast: Rowan Williams - the place of the religious life in the Church in its new and traditional forms 
October 2012

10 November will see the second auction for the CR appeal: please see With over 300 lots and a huge number of visitors expected, there are opportunities to assist and play a part in the day - those who were involved last year found this an exciting event of which to be part. 

Friday 9th November (10am - 5.30pm):

  • looking after visitors on the 'viewing day' - the lots will be on display in the College Refectory.

Saturday 10th November (from 10am - Auction begins at 2pm):

  • managing the car park
  • assist staff in the New Refectory selling refreshments
  • stewarding Upper Church which will be open to visitors
  • stewarding in the Refectory for the viewing and the auction itself

If you would like to be a part of this event and help CR achieve its target, please contact Adele Hannah or Fr John Gribben with your availability and your preference for tasks!

The final catalogue is now available here:

Photographs from the Appeal Concert Organ Extravaganza with Fr Simon Lumby on 5 October can be found here
The latest update from Shining House, Uganda is on the Overseas page.
Have you seen the new Community website? It is still at its former URL of but it has been totally revamped, thanks to Daniel NovCR. It, too, contains news of CR and the appeal.
On Friday evening, 5 October, the Community Church was the location of an organ concert by Simon Lumby, who was projected upon a big screen so that those attending could see the details of his skillful playing on the new Harrison organ. This fundraising concert featured popular masterworks composed by Bach, Harwood, Smart and Vierne. Almost all of the seats in the nave of the Community Church were filled for this event. During the interval Fr. John Gribben had a pre-auction sale of vinyl records; these were snatched up by some of the music lovers attending this concert.
Latest Intercession List (Michaelmas 2012) and Prayer Sheet 2012-2013 are here
Extract (about the close connection with CR) from "The (Deaconess) Community of St Andrew 1861-2011" by the Revd Dr Sr Teresa Joan White CSA. A further extract is here, recalling CR brethren and a third plus photograph is here. CR is mentioned elsewhere throughout the publication.
Photographs from the 2012 Southern Companions Day held at Southwark Cathedral are here. Also includes the Order of Service
September 2012 * NEW * Update from Fr Nicolas CR on the situation in Zimbabwe, following his recent visit
Appeal Newsletter September 2012
A first draft of the Catalogue for CR's second Grand Auction can be found here. Photographs of some of the items are here and here
Details of the "Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness" Days in November here
Booking form for Quiet Day at Burnham Abbey (Anglican Community of the Society of the Precious Blood) here
Details of the CR East Anglian Companions next meeting at their new venue 
Extract from "An Appreciation of the Ecclesiastical Law Society on the 25th Anniversary of its Foundation" by The Most Rev Rowan Williams, September 2012 - mentions Raymond Raynes CR.

From Fr John: "We love the house o Lord wherein your honour dwells. Dear Friends and Companions, I returned from a wet but wonderful holiday in Northern Ireland to find that a lot of auction items had accumulated while I was away. We have now over 200 reasonably good lots with quite a lot more things promised. Of course, all this means cataloguing, researching, photography and storing as well as trying to get the media interested. It is all very exciting but it has to fit in with my life and routine as a member of a religious community and sometimes it isn’t easy. If you do have things that you would like to donate it would be good if you could get them to me soon or if you need collection to let me know and I’ll see what can be done. 10 November may seem a long way off but to have the catalogue ready by the 1 November is going to be quite a task. I love every minute of it and the contact that it gives me with Companions and others is really a very moving experience. I shall probably miss it when it is all over. It is difficult to forecast what the result of the next auction might be. We have many lovely things and some very valuable things but everything depends on the people who might want them getting to hear about them. Here is an area where Companions can be of help. You can print off the advertisements (here and here) and drop them through the letter boxes of art, furniture and second hand dealers (even if you live on the other side of the country – dealers love to travel) you can tell your friends and if you have any contact with the media – get them interested! Of course don’t forget to come yourselves. With best wishes. John CR". Updated photos of a selection of auction items here.

August 2012 Details of the Organ Extravaganza 5 October here
Although there has not been much news to report from CR, as many of the Brothers have had a holiday in the month following their involvement in General Chapter and its associated retreat, this site - with a great debt of gratitude and thanks to Fr Antony CR - has continued to bring you the sermons from each Sunday in the month: here
Photographs from the Companions Study Weekend are here
General news update: Following completion of Chapter, the brethren renewed their commitment to the Religious Life at the Mass on St James day. Nicolas CR is now in charge of the sacristy, after Eric CR's completion of many years there, with complex transitions between chapels. Dennis CR has taken over primary care of guests and Steven CR of the refectory. The Community's lightning-struck telephone system has now been replaced (courtesy of the insurance company, or so it is hoped) and the former numbers for brethren should work once again. The site has embarked on its wedding reception season. At the moment, CR is replete with guests, some from overseas and many on individually-guided retreats this week.
July 2012 From Fr John: "Dear Friends and Companions. It was good to see so many of you on 7 July. It was a wonderful day and Bishop Jack’s sermon was inspirational. As we sang ‘In our day of thanksgiving’ I shed a tear for Companions and Brethren who have gone to their reward. I felt also a great sense of gratitude to Companions who have contributed by prayer and gift to the Appeal and who have encouraged the Community in its work and in its efforts. I felt a sense that it has all been worth it. My thanks personally go to all who have helped me and supported me over the past year. The auction is going well and many things have come to me recently. We have about 170 lots at the moment. We added several more famous autographs to the list – Arthur Askey, Jon Pertwee, Derek Roy, Sam Costa and Margot Fonteyn. Since beginning this letter I have learned that I am to be the next Chaplain to the Companions. I am still trying to find out what that means but I am very pleased with prospect of an even closer association with you all. Of course over the past couple of years I have been in regular communication with you through Auction News and for the next couple of months that is how I shall be going on. Soon, however, we shall be looking at new things and fresh adventures. Communications from you – post, email, telephone, drums or smoke signals – are all welcome. I won’t be able to answer them all but I will be glad to hear from you and to have news that I can pray about. Meanwhile here are some photos of things that have come in. Keep searching and spread the news. Love and prayers. John CR"

Photograph in The Church Times of the star lot at the next auction

From Fr Nicolas CR: "On Friday we had a lovely mass with the Bishop of Norwich (our Visitor) celebrating at the altar and the Bishop of Wakefield preaching very well indeed. What was extraordinary at that mass was a group of 20 primary school children from the School of the Resurrection in a very poor area of Manchester . They danced for us in the place of the Kyrie and it was beautifully done. It was a long dance with quite a complex choreography yet they did it beautifully with great concentration and skill, while one of their teachers sang the “Agnus Dei” really beautifully. Then at Communion the Romanians sang from the balcony. Tonight we begin our retreat with Fr Mark Ephraim from the RC monastery of Roscrae in Northern Ireland leading us. Let’s pray that puts us in a good mood to finish Chapter well". 

* IMPORTANT * From Fr Nicolas: " Hallo everyone. It was good to see most of you at the Companions Day. It seems to have gone very well - 78 people had lunch and everyone seemed content with the programme. I enjoyed it very much myself though I could barely crawl up the stairs to my room after evensong! The bit of news from Chapter that I can pass on now is that George is taking me off being Chaplain of Companions and giving you John instead. That will be an entertaining experience for you all, so it will. I am enormously grateful to all of you for your support and work and your commitment to making the Companions into a really lively and supportive part of the CR family. It's a long road, with lots of frustrations but it seems to be working. I'm delighted it is John who will take over from me as I know you will like him and he has a great love for the Companions and all who support CR in various ways. I hope you will try and arrange meetings up here when I am around so that we can keep in contact. With all good wishes and many thanks for years of support". Nicolas CR
A few photographs from the 2012 Companions Day can be found here
Antony CR now takes over responsibility for the bookshop from Daniel Nov CR, who has really brought new life to this important aspect of CR and who now moves on to other Novice duties.
"Mirfield’s Community of the Resurrection to auction Royal jewellery and knights sword" - article from the Huddersfield Daily Examiner
CR Church - a brief guide: leaflet about the Community church
CR's Wikipedia entry has recently been updated and a brief history is of the Community is being re-collated by Novice Daniel and other brethren.
June 2012 Article from Church of England Newspaper regarding Robert Mercer CR
This past weekend was a busy time in Mirfield, with the Retreat House filled to capacity. Throughout the weekend, half a dozen Companions were present for a Preached Retreat led by Fr. Simon Holden. In addition to this, all three years of the Yorkshire Ministry Course were undertaking a residential weekend retreat here. Then on Saturday afternoon YMC had their Commendation Service in the Community Church. It was a festive occasion as the YMC graduates were dressed in their academic regalia. The following day brought the arrival of many choristers when the Royal School of Church Music came to the Community Church and joined the brethren in that Sunday’s celebration of Evensong. The church building resounded with the melodic voices of the many RSCM choristers.
Please watch this promotional video for the next Auction 
Latest Appeal Newsletter here
Photographs from this year's Companions' Retreat to Walsingham are here

From Antony CR: "When you receive the next CR Quarterly Review and compare it with what it used to be like, less than 10 year ago say, you’ll get an idea of the tremendous changes that are going on all the time, changing CR and our way of life. At one time we issued a Retreat List once a year and people booked into all the events, as well as to similar silent retreats at Hemingford Grey. The Community was kept afloat by what seems, now, an amazing flow of legacies. Our house was like an aircraft carrier, brethren going OUT to take retreats, preach, visit schools, take missions. At the House of the resurrection, life was quiet, ordered; worship, meals, prayer, study, gardening. There were more of us and the average age was lower. Now, we have to pay our way and the best way is to encourage people to come here. The Church is wonderful - thanks to our incredibly generous supporters - and we want it to be really well used. So there are advertisements for the Appeal, the Auction and an increasing number of events. Over  two weekends and the week, as well as individual guests there various happenings|: painting and prayer workshop (16 people) and the Resurrection chapel is adorned with countless paintings - which means the Daily Mass is at the High Altar, just as well because there are so many here. An Ignatian Guided Retreat all week, a Yorkshire ministry Course Quiet Day, a concert attended by 120 people, 7 College trained Deacons for a week of shared reflection prior to ordination to the priesthood, two young Romanians starting a three months’ stay, St Anne’s Tottington Bury come to sing Evensong on Saturday and bring a Confirmation group on Sunday. Brethren continue to be away: we are sometimes down to seven in choir, so it’s all quite hard work. We’ve started to wash up and lay tables again at weekends. People wonder what on earth Religious have to do: prayer, meditation, worship, is there anything else!?"

CR's Annual Accounts to 31 August 2011 
The latest details of some of the fascinating lots in the next Auction can be found here, courtesy of Fr John CR. Please continue to garner sellable items for this major event.
Man arrested after Mirfield monastery thefts: from the Dewsbury Reporter July
May 2012 On Sunday 20 May there was the first real concert with the new organ. Paul Dewhurst raised £700 sponsorship to play the organ for an hour. It was lovely hearing it played by a real master of the art and everyone who came to hear commented on its beauty and on the superb acoustic of the church which enables any organ to sound its best. £90,000 is needed to pay for the installation of this organ so CR are hoping many more talented organists like Paul will give of their skills. The beauty of this is that the organist is usually able to call on a circle of musical friends, pupils, choirs who haven’t yet contributed in any way to the appeal and the ‘work’ of playing the organ is enjoyable for all!
Friday 18 May saw the very happy event of receiving Fr Dennis Berk’s first Profession in the Religious Life. Fr Dennis is an American who worked for some years in Zambia and who comes to CR with much experience in parish and pastoral ministry. As Fr Dennis leaves the novitiate the other two novices look rather anxiously at the gap waiting to be filled. Will anyone come? What will they be like if they do? As it happens there are three very good men quite seriously considering entering the novitiate. CR has learned to be cautious and not to hurry but prayers for these and others like them are very much needed. It is a hard choice to make for any young man and they need all the support they can get.

To all who have given to the Church Appeal, CR extends a particular invitation to come to a Eucharist celebrating completion of the first phase of the re-ordering of the Church. The Eucharist will be on Friday 13 July 2012 at noon, celebrated by the Community’s Visitor, the Bishop of Norwich. Preacher: the Bishop of Wakefield . It will be followed by a Buffet Lunch. If you plan to come, RSVP to Adele Hannah:

From Br Daniel CR  "This is my fist week as Hebdomadary in the Community and that is a blessed - but also a stressing - experience. There are many small details you have to remember, though you have participated in the offices so many times. Especially, lighting the Easter candle is a demanding task, because it is set on a very tall (but beautiful) candlestick. You get related to the bells of the community and they have their own character. I try to give them a soft and singing sound. However, as Father Peter says: "it should sound like a fire alarm but not too much"! When you are leading the offices you get the support and trust from the brethren, which is all worth it. Three of our the brethren, Thomas, Stephen and Dennis have returned from a visit to our friends in the Abbey of St. Matthias in Trier , Germany . They participated in a big ecumenical pilgrimage and visited several of the historic churches in the city. I am sure they also enjoyed the good food and the possibility to have a beer with the meal every day!".
Mirfield Monastery - letter in the Dewsbury Reporter regarding weddings taking place at CR. The article to which this refers is here
Two more forthcoming events: (i) 10 June: Songs for a Summer Evening - a concert of well-loved songs and arias with a proms flavour and a chance to join in your finale favourites. Tickets £7.50 to include a complimentary interval drink. Contact Adele Hannah or see here for further details and (ii) 3 to 7 September: Life Together: Christian Ministry in tomorrow's world - a conference at the College of the Resurrection especially designed for people who have recently begun a public ministry, either lay or ordained, and for students preparing for ministry. Details here
April 2012 A MUST SEE Video of Fr George's and the CR Novices' fund raising bike ride to commemorate Charles Gore here
Yorkshire Ministry Course advertisement (from The Church Times) for a Senior Tutor.  
The cyclists have completed their journey. They reached Pusey House on the morning of Monday 23 April, said mass, had lunch and then went on to Radley. It has been quite tough as there has been a lot of rain, cold and wind. Further details to follow.
Auction News: 'The lot has fallen to me in a fair ground'. "Dear friends – a blessed Easter. I hope that you have experienced the Risen Joy of Christ in your parishes. Needless to say Mirfield looked even more glorious for its first Easter since the renovations. Let us hope that it will be a source of renovation for Christian lives for many years to come. I broke off from the joys of auctioneering to preach in Holy Week and Easter in Worksop Priory, where Fr Nicolas Spicer, an old student of the College, is the vicar. It is a beautiful church and the liturgy was inspiring. However, now I am back! It is time to do some spring cleaning! Begin with the attic and don’t forget the garage and the garden shed. We have just found a very fine stone figure of an African woman in the garden shed. It has probably been there for over forty years and we didn’t know that we had at. Are there things like that about your house? They might help to pay for the renovation of the Community church and so in turn help the mission for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom. After a bit of a lull things are starting to come in and we have the promise of many interesting and exciting things still to come – autographed first edition of ‘Naught for Your Comfort’, the ensign of a Russian ship and the barrel for a St Bernard dog are among a large number of things that are on their way. To those who have donated things so far I want to say a big thank you. Of course the main object is to raise money for the Appeal but it is a pleasure and a privilege to be allowed to handle so many exciting and beautiful objects. As I never tire of saying, every Lot carries with it a story. I based my Holy Week addresses this year on items received in last year’s auction – ‘The Passion Story in a Collection of Objects’. It was moving to reflect on a thread of ideas drawn from artifacts that had never been associated with each other before. It is funny the sort of things that find their way into a household and stay there without anyone really wanting them. Among such things are old weapons some of which may have been prized and honoured many years ago but are just tucked away somewhere. Well we have decided to offer an Amnesty to anyone who wants to off load such items. So if you have old swords, daggers, guns, cannons, Mills bombs, nuclear devices, Scout knives etc you have until 10 November to turn them in and so ‘make love not war’ - we will be glad to relieve you of these or any other items of militaria. Joking aside, old swords, pistols and bayonets are greatly sought after by collectors. If Lady Smith had not retired I’m sure that she would be much relieved. My concern is still on obtaining things for the auction but soon we will be turning our attention to getting bidders to turn up so it would be a good idea to be letting dealers and second hand markets in your area know that there is going to be a great event on 10 November. Round about August we will start issuing posters and putting the catalogue on line. Thanks again for all your interest". John CR
Mirfield monks buy ex-Anglican turned Catholic £160,000 flat. Report from the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.
Letter from Fr Nicolas CR to the Companions
Please see the new Companions Leaflet and the new CR Leaflet.
Please consider making a donation for the sponsored bike ride. The relevant Just Giving page can be found here and you can even leave a comment if you wish. A sponsorship form can be found here.
2013 Companions Pilgrimage to Walsingham: Friday 31 May 2013 to Monday 3 June 2013. Please e-mail for further information.
The installation of the organ is now complete and it sounds beautiful. Exciting Summer concerts are planned, including a recital by renowned contralto Bridget Budge and Fr Simon Lumby.
Latest Retreat information here
Statement from Fr George Guiver, Superior, CR regarding Robert Mercer, guest charges and choir stalls
Ex-Anglican Bishop becomes Catholic Priest but remains member of Anglican religious order - from The Times "Articles of Faith" about Robert Mercer CR.

Details of Fr George's bike ride (with the Novitiate) - This bike ride will visit the three places of which Charles Gore, CR’s founder, was Bishop (but not in chronological order). It is hoped to make a video of the journey, stopping at significant places for reflections on aspects of Charles Gore’s thought. On Thursday 19 April the Superior and the three Novices travel down to Polesworth, spending the night there. The first day of the journey proper begins at Birmingham Cathedral with Morning Prayer and Eucharist, followed by prayers at the foot of the statue of Charles Gore. Gore founded the diocese of Birmingham and became its first Bishop, having previously been Bishop of Worcester. By cycle tracks and country roads the cyclists make our way the 30 miles to Worcester, to arrive in time for Cathedral evensong at 5.30, followed by a brief reception, then staying the night with friends. The Saturday will see them get as far as Northleach, between Worcester and Oxford, again staying with friends and worshipping at the local church on the Sunday morning. Then off to Oxford, staying just outside there for the night. On the morning of Monday, 23 of April (St George), the trio cycle to Pusey House, Oxford, of which Gore was the first Principal and the place where the Community was born. They will celebrate a Eucharist in commemoration of those things, immediately afterwards hitting the road again for the village of Radley just south of Oxford, to see the half-timbered vicarage which was the Community’s first home of its own and to pray in the church where Charles Gore was at the same time the vicar. They will then go by train from Radley all the way back to Mirfield, as the first brethren will have done in 1898. It is hoped the ride will draw attention to Charles Gore and celebrate his enduring gifts and encourage many to support the continuing appeal for the work on the church at Mirfield. NEW: The relevant Just Giving page can be found here and you can even leave a comment if you wish. A sponsorship form can be found here.

March 2012 Individually Guided Retreats 3 to 9 June in the tradition of Ignatius Loyola. Details here

From Fr John regarding the forthcoming auction "My dear friends and Companions, there was a very interesting article in the Guardian on 14 March entitled "Death of a Princess" and it is an exciting report on the exhibition in the Royal Pavilion Brighton to celebrate Princess Charlotte who was married in 1816 and died tragically giving birth a year later (article here). It is an exhibition that I would really love to see as it is full of sumptuous images of the Regency period. You will remember that I reported on a set of jewellery which had been donated for our appeal auction. Well this jewellery was worn at that very wedding. With the exhibition and this being Jubilee year there should be a great deal of interest in our star lot and as we have several other items of royal or imperial interest I find myself referring to the auction as the ‘Jubilee Auction’. If your  bank account doesn’t run to the jewellery you might still have a Hanoverian souvenir, for I have just received a lovely medallion celebrating the coronation of William IV. Then there is a magnificent photograph album of the Cambridge Colleges which includes sepia pictures of the Prince of Wales (Edward VII) as undergraduate of Trinity and on graduation day, a rare photo of Prince Albert Victor of Wales in military uniform and Prince Albert who was Chancellor. The Memorials of Captain Hedley Vicars is a beautiful and sad souvenir of the Crimea and there is a lucky box of royal memorabilia. We still need your help. I am still a long way off the 400+ Lots that would help to make the ordinary auction bring in a sum to equal that of the star lots. So please keep your eyes open and if you have any ideas contact me. Don’t forget to inform your local dealers and markets. Now enjoy some of the good things that we have stored away for the big day (here). The vicious looking picture is Hamlet (David Tennant) in the act of slaying his uncle Cassius (Sir Patrick Stewart) in the BBC production of Hamlet. Sir Patrick has donated the dinner suit he was murdered in. Best wishes. John CR".

Forthcoming event: 11 to 15 June: Painting and Prayer. Details here
The Fellowship of Contemplative Prayer Yorkshire Retreat this year will be at The Community of the Resurrection. Details here
From Geoff Dignum - "Just to confirm that the Companions June Walsingham Pilgrimage list is full. I have not received any further names since the list closed but could start a waiting list if necessary - but no guarantee of success!"
Appeal Newsletter March 2012 is here

27 to 30 April - Eastertide Journey to the Resurrection. Details here

CR Companion Donna Crow's clerical mystery "A darkly hidden truth" (The Monastery Murders 2) is currently on Amazon's "Deal of the Week" available for £6.56. It starts in The Community of the Transfiguration, which is a thinly-veiled Community of the Resurrection!
Booking form for the Southern Companions Day in September is here. For the Companions Day at Mirfield in July and other events, please see the forthcoming events page.
The brethren are coping incredibly well with the inconvenience of having the House kitchen out of action for a week or so whilst the electrics are being replaced and the kitchen, pantries and washing up areas are given a fresh coat of paint. For the time being, they are making do with having the fridge and hostess trolley in the Refectory. During the work in progress it has not affected meals in the Refectory, except when the power was cut off in the Refectory and use had to be made of floor lamps during supper. The kitchen is a ‘no go’ area for the time being but will soon be up and running again when the Brethren can look forward to using a renewed kitchen that meets all fire, health and safety regulations.  
February 2012 From Br Jacob "Thank you from the Novitiate and the Community for the support that we received for the prayer vigil. The timing for the vigil was just right; on the Friday morning the organ builders finished their work and so we were builder free for the weekend! It was a wonderful opportunity to join together in prayer and a truly enriching experience". Jacob CR

From Fr John: "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord. Dear Companions and Friends, with Candlemas we finally said goodbye to Christmas but when you are an auctioneer every day is Christmas - there is always something new to open, there is always some new surprise, there is always good news. Of course the best news of all is that we are back in Church and it is really beautiful. Apart from enjoying a warm church for the first time in about five years it has a wonderful atmosphere. All that was best in the Mirfield that we knew and loved is still there but there is something more. There is something new and vibrant as if we have a vessel that is waiting, saying to the Holy Spirit ‘Come fill me, use me and let me overflow with the praises of God.’ The Companion’s Pilgrimage and the Candlemas concert were wonderful – perhaps a first installment of all the prayer and praise to come. We have worked very hard to raise the money and we are still working hard. It is great news and great fun to know that people still want to donate things to the auction. I hope that you are still looking and encouraging your friends to look for things that might make the next one an even bigger success. As well as looking for things to sell as individual lots I am looking for things that might be put together – things collectors might look for such as stamps, postcards, book marks, coins and bank notes. The big news is a fantastic gift – a set of Georgian jewellery accompanied by a letter from the Prince Regent in 1816! This is a wonderful donation and means that we will have a fantastic auction. Here again you need to play your part. I am proud of the Companions because they were such a big part of the last auction – donating, collecting and delivering and helping during the big week. One of the most important things was publicity – making known to your markets and dealers the great things that were on offer. We will need you to do this again. From around July and onwards I will supply notices which you can drop into antique and fine art dealers – they will be as grateful to you as I am. Now feast your eyes on some of our star lots here. With love and prayers". John CR.

There are still a few places left for the Pilgrimage to Walsingham from Friday 8 June to Monday 11 June: Meals: Supper on Friday, Full Board Saturday and Sunday, breakfast Monday. Price: £161.90 per head. Deposits: £30 per head (cheques payable to "Community of the Resurrection) but please send via Geoff Dignum for record purposes at 11 Copper Beeches, Milton Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 5LW. Deposits to be received by 29 February. If you have any queries please e-mail Geoff. Action this NOW!
Parson's Progress, a novel by Alan Wilkinson is now available from Mirfield Publications. Review from The Church Times here
The CR novitiate is organising a Prayer Vigil weekend to commence with Evensong at 6 p.m. on Friday, 17 February. The Vigil will have half an hour of Community Prayer before Compline that same evening, gathering together at 8.45pm for collects and intercessions focused upon the weekend’s themes. The brethren, ordinands, companions and friends all are invited to participate by signing up for a one-hour slot of time within the weekend Vigil so that the newly renovated Community Church may be a place of continuous prayer day and night throughout the entire weekend. For anyone unable to participate in person, the Community invites you to join in wherever you live by praying for the following at any time that is convenient for you throughout the course of the weekend of 17 to 19 February. You are invited to contact Brother Jacob ( to let CR know that you shall be joining us on your own in this weekend offering of prayer. 
  • Thanksgiving for all those who gave money to the Centenary Church Appeal and for those who worked on the site during its construction
  • Pray for the Community that our life of prayer and worship may be strengthened and deepened as we settle back into the church

  • Pray for the companions, friends, guests, retreatants, students and all visitors that they may meet Jesus when they come to the church

  • Pray for wisdom and understanding as the brethren develop new links with the Church and society around us and seek new and creative ways of using the church.

The Prayer Vigil will draw together the weekend’s round-the-clock offering of prayers with Community Prayer at 5.30 p.m. on Sunday, 19 February and then it will conclude at 6 p.m. with Evensong. Whether you join in at Mirfield or in your own home, your participation by praying during this Prayer Vigil will be much appreciated. From near and far we shall be joining together in one great offering of prayers flowing from hearts that are filled with gratitude and thanksgiving for all of God’s blessings bestowed upon us.

The three novices of CR thank you for your prayerful participation. Dennis, Jacob and Daniel

A selection of photographs from the first "Pilgrimage to the Resurrection" (including the concert in thanksgiving for the restoration of the church) are now available here
A photographic selection of statuary, images, tablets etc at CR
Blog of Fr Nicolas's recent visit to Zimbabwe
A MUST SEE - Video of the newly refurbished church

January 2012

The Resources page has had some new items added, including a superb slideshow of old photographs of the church and college. The very latest photographs of the refurbished interior of the CR church, plus an updated slide show, can now be seen on the Phototour page. Please don't forget to keep revisiting the Sermons page, where new sermons preached by the CR Brethren are being added all the time
Fr George's sermon for 15 January makes reference to the new choir stalls and includes photographs of them.
Fr Oswin CR has been appointed as the Assistant Novice Guardian, helping Fr George, who remains as Novice Guardian. Also there is a newly created "Formation Team" of four Brethren who will work together to guide the Novices in their future roles at CR.
In addition to many business matters that were discussed at the recent Chapter meetings, the Brethren also focussed upon enhancing communication, between themselves and all their guests.
Fr George recently discovered fragments from St Cuthbert's coffin. It is being considered whether an appropriate place and means of honouring the famous Saint's relics may be found in the newly renovated Church.

From Fr John Gribben CR: "Dear Companions and Friends. A Happy New Year to you all. You will be glad to know that Auction II is on its way with the promise of excitement, drama and romance. We may not have Mouseman furniture this time and all those lovely chests of drawers are gone but we have one or two things that should make the headlines and it is early days yet – some of our big items came late in the calendar last year. From the Community comes one really exciting item – a medieval sword. Many of you will have seen this. It is a knight’s sword from about 1350. It is in very fine condition. I am having it valued in order to set a realistic reserve price. Another star item will be (when it arrives) the dinner suit worn by Sir Patrick Stewart when he played Claudius in David Tennant’s production of Hamlet on television and with RSC. He also wore it in a recent production of The Merchant of Venice. It will be accompanied by a production photo of Sir Patrick wearing the suit. I’m sure that this will add an element of high drama to the proceedings on 10 November. We are very grateful to Sir Patrick for all the help and support that he has given to us. Some of the Bishops have been very helpful. The Bishop of Beverly donated many fine things to the last auction and now he promises to make the supreme sacrifice by surrendering his Boy Scout uniform and other items of Scout memorabilia. I hope that others will be inspired by this as such items are greatly sought after. The Bishop of Wakefield was also very supportive in the last auction especially in making known to potential buyers the fine artworks that we had on sale. He too has promised quite a number of things but the one that tickles me is the Bishop’s bike. Bishop Frank Sargent has offered an oil painting of Silvanus Berry (former superior) – this would be a very fine souvenir of CR. For lovers of vinyl we have a large collection of 60/70s LPs including a first edition of Sergeant Pepper. In Jubilee year what could be a better souvenir than a boxed set of LPs recording the Coronation? Can you better this? I hope that you can. This is an effective way of responding to the Community’s Appeal and it is exciting and enjoyable. I am so grateful to all of you who helped last year. For me every day was like Christmas. That reminds us of what it is all about – a place where we can honour God’s holy name, a church that will enable the Good News. When we celebrated Christmas in the church for the first time in two years ‘I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the House of the Lord.’ Love and peace to you all. John CR".

Thursday 15 March - "Seeing and Believing? Religious Art and Religious Experience" 2.00 pm - 4.30 pm at the Mirfield Centre. Led by Graham Howes. Cost: £7.50 Information here and further details plus booking form here
Details are now available for the CR Companions Pilgrimage to Walsingham from Friday 8 June to Monday 11 June: Meals: Supper on Friday, Full Board Saturday and Sunday, breakfast Monday. Price: £161.90 per head. Deposits: £30 per head (cheques payable to "Commmunity of the Resurrection) but please send via Geoff Dignum for record purposes at 11 Copper Beeches, Milton Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 5LW. Deposits to be received by 29 February 2012. If you have any queries please e-mail Geoff
Fr Nicolas flies from Manchester to Johannesburg on Saturday 7th January and on to Harare on the 9th. He will be in Harare from 9th to 16th giving talks and attending meetings to do with Tariro and then will probably drive to Mutare, Penhalonga, Chipinge and Tongogara from 16th to 26th. Then he has a Quiet Day in Harare on 28th and a preachment on 29th. He flies back to Johannesburg on 31st and arrives in Manchester on 3rd February, just in time for the pilgrimage to CR. Prayers please.
It is now possible to travel on a direct train from London (Kings Cross) to Mirfield station. Timetable to June 2012 here.
Updated Retreat dates for 2012 here
Details here of the 2012 Grand Auction to be held on 10 November
Flyer for the Candlemass Evensong and Concert 5 February
Three more photographs here of the new interior of the church

The Companions List has now been fully updated, courtesy of Linda Blenkinship. Please click here for the latest version.

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