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News from the Community of the Resurrection 2014  

December 2014

The Community’s  B & B  accommodation in the Annexe will be closed over the Christmas and New Year period, from 23 December 2014 to 7 January 2015. This will allow staff to spend some time off with their families. The Retreat House will also be closed to guests on Christmas Eve (24 December) until 7 January 2015. This is the time between Christmas and Epiphany when the brethren are meeting in General Chapter and spending time together in retreat.

The latest monthly Newsletter about CR (December) can be read here
November 2014 Resume of Fr Thomas CR's addresses to last week's General Synod are here. The first relates to the recent Anglo-Methodist report; the second to a debate about revised guidelines for clergy conduct..
From Fr John CR "Dear Companion’s and Friends, I hope that you are all well. I am writing this on the first evensong of the Feast of Christ the King. This, at the end of the Christian year, looks forward to our total participation in the gift of salvation won for us by Christ – the day when ‘every knee shall bow, every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord’. In this year when really horrible things have happened throughout the world and when we think of all the anguish of past wars, it is good to join with Christians in acknowledging a power and a love beyond the kingdoms of this world. Next week the Christian New Year begins with the first Sunday in Advent, when we begin to reflect on the birth of our saviour and look forward with hope to his second coming. I have just conducted the pre-Advent Retreat for Priests. It was great to have a full retreat and a great pleasure to be with people who wanted to open their souls to the gifts of God in order that they might better serve God’s flock. It reminded me that as well as praying for more clergy we should also pray for our clergy. I experimented with the retreat this year – using the space and majesty of our church to present the Gospel in a variety of ways. So we used the morning for the traditional retreat address but in the evening we had a procession meditating on the Mysteries of Light; there was a Holy Hour; on the last evening we had a thanksgiving service for our baptismal and priestly vocations and Laying on of Hands and Anointing. My retreat theme was the Prodigal Son and because of someone dropping out the Principal asked me if I could use the same material to guide the College students during their retreat. So after a busy fortnight I had a very relaxing Saturday. After Mattins I went to Huddersfield and took part in the weekly Parkrun with 514 other people. It was great fun, the company was delightful and the bacon and egg in the Café in the Park was the best I have ever tasted! A trip to the Market on the way home turned up a real treasure – a Dandy Annual 1959 for the princely sum of 50p (perhaps I should say ten shillings). I returned in time for a shower before Mass and Lunch. As the YMC were here for the weekend we had the joy of a large crowd at the Eucharist. The cook pulled out all the stops and produced a magnificent lunch. So what else was there to do except settled down by the fire with a book and gently dose until tea time. Evening prayer for the first evensong of Christ the King was lovely and the day was crowned with the news that Man. U had beaten Arsenal. On the same day the Superior and Thomas were attending the first meeting of the synod for the new Yorkshire diocese. The College is on a short break, Fr Peter is lecturing in Santiago , Brother Steven is preaching in Philadelphia and Fr Nicolas is preaching in Guernsey and trying to raise money for his work among orphans in Zimbabwe and Fr Eric is preparing to go to give help and advice to other communities. I had intended to use this letter to write about what the Companions were doing during World War I but the Prior liked it and we thought that it would make an article for CRQ, so look out for it in the next issue. Do you have a bustle that you no longer use? How about a stomacher or a woggle? Is your house cluttered with stuffed animals, busts of Garibaldi, what-nots, tall-boys, bric-a-brac and sundry curios? Need I say more? Every Blessing for Advent and if I fail to get another one out in time have a Happy Christmass. Love and prayers, John CR".
New Habits of the Religious Life? - Article from the Church Times
Thief at the Community church - article from the Mirfield Reporter
The latest monthly Newsletter about CR (November) can be read here
October 2014 From Fr Thomas CR: "A beautiful autumn week; how deep the colours are this year! The apples are now in and are going in what used to be the apple store in the cellar; the one we have used in recent years in the grounds is just too damp to be suitable. I have not gathered the medlars – a huge crop – apart from some which came in yesterday assisted by the five year old daughter of an ordinand and her mother. She gave herself to things in the orchard with enthusiasm and now knows how to break off a medlar rather than pull it off! Our local mycophiles came to see the front lawn on Saturday and admired the pink waxcap (in abundance this year); this is a very rare fungus and because it looks like a pink ballet tutu raised in the air is called a ‘ballerina’; they are beautiful. It was lovely to seem them enjoying something which most people never notice. The leaders of the religious communities gathered here for their annual conference, which makes for a busy refectory. The y seem to want to return next year also. Fr George has not been too well- he had an operation last Friday and has taken longer to get back into the swim of things than was expected. Nicolas is in the US . Aidan has gone to the sisters at Chiswick and will be back on Friday. This Saturday we have a concert in church led by the lady who looks after our singing; it is a chamber choir concert and should be enjoyable. I hope the acoustic is friendly to them; it has been a bit of a problem in the past, however kind it is to our voices"..
From Fr John CR: “My dear Companions in Christ. Today I begin to see light after a year when I have never been able to get on top of my work. The mountain of e-mails has been reduced to my usual manageable size. A couple of days ago I delivered an updated version of the paper that I gave to the Companions on Festival Day ‘What did you do in the War, Father?’ As I think I told those of you who were present I intend to go on working on this project until the 100th anniversary of WWI. It is very moving to read letters of CR Fathers from military locations throughout the world. Until I began they were just names on an obituary list but now they appear vibrant, young and exciting they make me want to sing Gaudiamus Igitur – ‘Let us now praise famous men and our Fathers…’ Before I forget here are some dates for your diary Walsingham Pilgrimage 29 May to 1 June 2015. If you intend to go, book soon as several reservations have already been made - contact Michael Stocks If you hadn’t thought of going it is really worth considering. The Companions pilgrimage has always been a great experience and to go in pilgrimage to try to experience the gift of the Incarnation can only be good for your heart and your soul. The date of the Companions' Day is not yet settled but it also promises to be an enjoyable and exciting event. The Study Days 8 to 10 September 2015 are something not to be missed. It will be held in the comfort and beauty of the College, the subject will be on the Eucharist with our Companion from USA, Bill Ryon, as principle speaker. Be sure to book early. Details may be obtained from Kevin or Vanessa. For some time my approach to Companions’ requests for prayers has been well-intentioned but disorganised. I would carry the request in my heart and mind from my office to church and pray for the subject. I would try to remember to light a candle before Compline and I would mention it at the next Mass that I would be present at. I would also put the request on the intercession board. In calm times this works quite well but I can hardly remember the last calm time and so often only bits of the program have been carried through. Today I made a very simple adjustment to my routine. I have put a special notebook by the computer. When I receive requests they will go into the notebook and I will pray immediately in my office and use the book to help me remember the other stages. Be sure that I will pray for you in my office and at Compline. So please let me know of Companions and your friends in sickness need or distress. I and the Companion’s Council are very aware that my letter only reaches those of you who are on e-mail (or who see this on-line). At the moment I can’t see a solution which doesn’t involve a great deal of expense. I would appeal to those who receive my letter – please share it with any Companion known to you who doesn’t have a computer. I enrolled four people as probationers over the weekend and tomorrow I will admit Fr Kirtley Yearman, a priest from New York , as a Companion. The past year has seen modest growth for which we say Deo Gratias. Can we look forward to a time when there will be many regional activities once more? Last week I ran in Huddersfield . This was my fiftieth Parkrun which means that I qualify for a red running shirt – my first ever sports award. By the way, I came first! (not as good as it sounds as I was first among the over seventies). I mention this not just to show off but to give notice that I hope to organise a sponsored run next year to raise money for Tariro – the trust run by Fr Nicolas CR for to provide a good life and education for orphans and young people in Zimbabwe. It may be the last time that I will be fit enough to say thanks to God for the wonderful experience of life that he has given me. So watch this space. Compline bell has just rung so I’ll say good night. Yours in Christ, John CR”
From Fr Oswin CR: “We are spending the week-end with Bishop Graham of Norwich , our Visitor, who is conducting his five-yearly (quinquennial) Visitation. We received him formally at Evensong last night and he preached at Mass today. We are each seeing him in turn - it must give a kaleidoscopic insight into the life of a monastery. The n on Sunday he will Preside at the solemn Eucharist and talk with us altogether in Chapter. A report does come out of all this but first we’ll need to wait until next Spring when Bishop Graham will return for Part Two. We are also delighted to have our brother Simon home from hospital, after treatment for an infection. Our fire alarms work! Usually it is an over-enthusiastic smoke detector in the attic sending us out into the night ai but this week - and in daylight - the detector quite correctly registered some smoke - this time from our own ironing room but no harm was done. Philip CR has spent the week at High Leigh at the conference for Bursars of Religious communities - over 200 of them, some Irish sisters in their 80s and in good form. Thomas CR spoke to young clergy at Lambeth yesterday on the Religious Life and its influence on the celebration of the liturgy. It feels good that we’re are all at home this weekend after two months of comings and goings - and Bishop Graham is a warm and generous presence among us”.
"O Quam Gloriosum" Chamber Choir Concert 7.30pm on Saturday 1 November in the Community church. Details here
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September 2014 From Fr John Gribben CR "Dear Friends and Companions. I hope that you are all well. I had a wonderful holiday in Ireland during three weeks in August. Belfast was uncharacteristically dry for that time of the year. It is a lovely city where you can entertain yourself for almost nothing. I had lovely trips round the Ards Peninsula , the Mourne Mountains and the ecclesiastical capital, Armagh . Oh and I did a park run on three Saturdays and came up with a personal best 5k in 26.44. It all seems a long time ago now. Since then I’ve had a weekend on Dante and a quiet day for SSC and quite a busy time on auction business. This is going really well now and I think that we will raise a larger sum than I expected when we started out. Of course I’m not speaking of a sum like the last two auctions. I am still looking for offers of items. This is a good way to find homes for things which you have loved but no longer want to keep and to contribute to CR’s funds at the same time. The House is beginning to buzz again as Brethren return from holidays and work. Fr George is still enjoying a well earned holiday in Italy . Nicolas is in Zimbabwe and although not on holiday he is loving it. It is easy, when one sees how he looks forward to such visits, to forget how hard he works for the people of that country. He has been bringing material support to the orphanages which he founded and educational projects which provide a future for teenage boys and girls. He has also been working hard for the Church in Zimbabwe – giving retreats, preaching and generally encouraging a people ravaged and persecuted during the time of Kununga’s control. Term will soon begin and Fr Peter will have the added responsibility of an enlarged body of students. Of course his responsibilities don’t end when the vacation begins – a lot of his summer has been taken up with meetings of the College Council, University examination boards and the various Church of England bodies responsible for vocation to the priesthood. He has all this on top of encouraging the Community to sing well and visiting Sisterhoods to help with advice and direction. At times (like August) when many brethren are away, quite a lot falls on those who are in the House. We are very grateful to our Brethren who kept the infirmary, the singing and the kitchen working well and the house and church clean and tidy when numbers were few at home. It has been a surprisingly good year for fruit and Thomas has done a great job of collecting it and increasing his output of wonderful jams. I recently advertised the offer of choir stalls. All the two seaters are sold or spoken for and some of the three seaters have gone but there are still some available at £150 each unit. As I said before, this is for collection only so make sure that you have transport available and that you have the space for them. Now as autumn and Advent draw near we turn our hearts and minds to the glorious mystery of a God who loves us so much that he empties himself of power in order to share our lives and sympathise with us in the difficulties and sorrows which life entails. May that God bless you and keep you firm in the hope of the Resurrection". John CR
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The Community of the Resurrection - a Brief History - just published.
Whatever happened to the Religious Life? - article by Nicolas Stebbing CR in the September edition of New Directions
Feeding the five thousand - article by Crispin Harrison CR in the September edition of New Directions
Sowing the seed - article by Aidan Mayoss CR in the September edition of New Directions
Scripture the Catholic way - article by Nicolas Stebbing CT in the September edition of New Directions
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From Fr Thomas CR: "Many brethren have been away, including Nicolas in Zimbabwe, Aidan at St Mary, Kenton and John, Philip and Jacob on the visit to Trier. Oswin, Eric and Simon have just got back so we feel a little less small in choir. The three who are in Trier will be sharing with our German brothers reflections on the anniversary of the First War, something which will include a visit to the site of the terrible battle at Verdun. On the visit last year we asked the Trier contingent how Germans regarded the First war and they commented that because the Second War and Nazism had had a far greater impact on German experience and reality, that it was ‘history’. Yet the recent year has seen a recovery of memory with respect to the First war – arguably a wider perspective than the one common here: there have been some good pieces in their community journal. I look forward eagerly to hearing how the visit has gone when the brothers return. It will be Jacob’s first visit to Trier and indeed to Germany . Back at CR the August Bank holiday retreat went well, although the numbers who come on this wonderful retreat are small. The re was a time when it was full and we were turning people away - a puzzling change. Fruit gathering goes on; two fruits are bearing for the first time in quantity: greengages (a great hit) and damsons, which will be picked in the next two weeks. It is a good year for fruit although the wet weather has brought much rot to apples and plums and the cool weather means that the figs and mulberries are not as good as they might be. Plums are good and the brethren love plums gently stewed without sweetener for breakfast. However, it is a real bounty for which we are very thankful".

August 2014 * NEW * From Fr Nicolas CR: " The gardening week was a great success. The small group of gardeners worked very hard and made a real impact on the grounds. The y seemed to enjoy it too. We could do with a lot more of this sort of help and, for a really keen gardener, I think we could offer a reduced rate or even perhaps a free stay! It would be well worth it as the grounds do need a lot of work doing to them. Yesterday 20 visitors from Eau Claire Cathedral in Wisconsin arrived with their Dean, Mike Greene. Fr Greene was a student at the College ten years ago, is very dynamic, came to Zimbabwe with me three years ago and I have been to Eau Claire to see him. Now we hope we can build a link with his Cathedral. Everybody seems to be enjoying it, so this could be the beginning of strong links with USA . We have a relatively quiet week ahead and then the Bank Holiday weekend retreat. That is much smaller than formerly: it used to have about 25 people booked a year in advance. Now it is only 10. I wonder if preached retreats of this nature are a thing of the past: all retreat houses seem to have the same problem. People will come for a big name but otherwise numbers are small. Is it a change of culture? Fear of silence? Diminishment of the Anglo-Catholic constituency? Lack of time? Or what, that causes this?"  

From Fr Thomas CR: "Things are nice and quiet after Chapter; John, Peter, Jacob and (today) Oswin have gone away for their holidays. Eric has visited Fairacres and Wantage and the week has seen Oswin and Nicolas conducting individually guided retreats. This summer retreat was started a few years ago and seems to be increasingly popular. It has been good to have a series of quiet meals; it did mean that one supper aroused some amusement as bags of crisps were popped open one after the other! Steven has gone to preach at St Nicholas, Plumstead. The re have been weddings here; they seemed to go well and do not impinge to any serious degree on the House. The weather has no doubt helped; it has been a good summer and we have been picking blackberries since the end of July, two to three weeks earlier than is usual here. The first ripe Discovery apple was eaten on 7th August, 13 days earlier than last year. The re is a group of five coming to help in the garden tomorrow, the first gardening holiday which we have had here. Philip and I will be seeing this through; although it is not the time of year when assistance in the garden can be most usefully or interestingly employed (that would be in the spring or autumn I think), there is plenty to do and there will be a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture park on Wednesday. I was relieved to hear that the unseasonable weather called Bertha is going south; we have assumed that if there is rain it will not be of the monsoon kind. A nice variety of guests is arriving and August will be quite busy. Our long term Romanian guest, Bishop Ignatie, has been travelling much and we will see him hardly at all before the end of the month; I help him with his English and rather enjoy the hours talk we have. Sadly, returning to a Romanian environment does not always mean that he returns with his English in best condition".

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The 2015 Companions’ Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham will take place from 29 May to 1 June inclusive. Would those Companions and friends who are interested in going please contact Michael Stocks, who is arranging the bookings, so that Michael knows who to get in touch with when booking forms are issued later in the year. His phone number is 01524-807192 and his email address is
July 2014 From Fr Nicolas Stebbing CR: “This week as we are all in retreat. We don’t have a conductor this year so we are free to follow our own bents, which is quite nice. Unfortunately, the builders - who have kept us waiting for two years to replace damaged floor tiles in the church - chose this week to do it! So for a couple of days at least we shall be using the Retreat house common room for worship. The good thing is that the weather is excellent; good weather always makes people feel better on retreat. Please remember us on St James Day (25th) which was the day the first six Brethren of CR made their professions in Oxford in 1892. We will renew our own commitment to this life on that day as we do every year. We come out of retreat on St James’ Day and then have another week of Chapter meetings before we can close up shop for the summer; if only! In fact we have a very busy August ahead of us: the Individually Guided Retreat in the first week is completely full; two weekends later we have a group of 20 coming from the Cathedral of Eau Claire in Wisconsin led by our former student Fr Michael Greene. We hope this will set a pattern for other groups of Americans to visit us and discover what a wealth of monastic history there is in striking distance of CR. We ourselves have a pilgrimage day during Chapter when we shall go to Hartlepool where St Hilda began her monastic life before moving to Whitby . The main purpose of the day will be to pray for vocations to the Religious Life. Now back into silence!”
Brief summaries of Fr Thomas' contributions to the debate at General Synod, as reported in The Church Times (plus photograph)
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"Sir Patrick Stewart would return to Mirfield to perform at Monastery" - article from the Dewbury Reporter
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June 2014 From Fr Nicolas Stebbing CR: The past two weeks have been very busy, although in the sort of way that makes us glad. It started with 18 people coming up from London to take part in a Benedictine retreat. The y were with us for three days and shared our life. Fr Richard Carter from St Martin in the Fields and I gave them several talks on the subject of St Benedict and deepening our commitment to Christ. This was followed almost at once by an Individually Guided Retreat, led by Maggie Jackson and me. We had six people on this. For some reason we have a lot of people coming to daily mass – retreatants, day guests, people from College and YMC. We’ve been between 20 and 30 every day for the last few weeks! No sooner had the IGR people gone than eight people came from a parish in Bury for a pilgrimage weekend. This is a new way of doing a weekend which Br Jacob is developing. It involves more teaching but also aims to foster long term relationships with parishes. This first one seemed to go well. Today some five monks and nuns from parts of Europe will be arriving to plan an ecumenical conference here in August next year. I will take them to Lastingham on Tuesday for mass in that beautiful 11th Century chapel and then they will go on to Stanbrook to visit the Benedictine sisters there”.
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Photographs from the Companions Pilgrimage to Walsingham 
A poster spotted at Walsingham featuring a picture of Fr Dennis CR!
The dates for the 2015 CR Companions Pilgrimage to Walsingham have been reserved with the Shrine. They are 29 May to 1 June 2015. 18 places have been reserved. If you are interested in coming on this pilgrimage, please e-mail Michael Stocks as soon as possible.
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May 2014

* NEW * From Fr John Gribben CR "As I sit down to write this Fr Thomas CR should be arriving in Walsingham to join those Companion’s and friends who will be on pilgrimage over the next couple of days. I have spent the day trying to catch up on mail which has been growing over the past few weeks as I have been engaged in a number of events at HR and elsewhere and since my last chaplain’s letter there has been a phenomenal amount of mail relating to Companions. Well, as you know by now the auction was a great success. We made £26,000+ on the day and in the course of the year I made about £1,200. When we have calculated gift aid the total may well reach £30,000. We are still short of doing the final touches in the church but I’m taking a short rest. After the auction I went with the students for their Passiontide retreat to Walsingham. We are so fortunate to have such devoted and good ordinands. After that I went to St Mary’s Bourne St in London to conduct Holy Week. In that beautiful church I think that I received much more than I gave. At this time, as you will know, many of the Fathers and Brothers travel in order to help parishes to celebrate the crucified and risen Christ. It is for us a privilege and honour. Father Peter travelled a little farther than the rest of us (put together) – he preached Holy Week in Honolulu ! To be fair in my reporting he did this while he was having a well-earned sabbatical. While I was in London I did manage to do a Parkrun and take a couple of day’s holiday. Since then I have done some preaching, been to CSC Costock, had many spiritual direction sessions and been for a visit to hospital (nothing serious – I have a clean bill of health). This week at HR I have been helping the Bishops of the Church of Ireland to keep a retreat. As there were twelve of them I thought that it might be a good idea to consider Jesus’ appearances to the Twelve at Easter. To help us think I used the works of Duccio of Sienna. It was a lovely occasion for me as I have many associations with the Irish bishops. Tomorrow I go to Ireland to preach at the 40th anniversary of the ordination of an old friend from my college days. When I get back I will be in Oxford to preach at Pusey House for their festival on 15 June. By Companion’s day there should be above ten new Companions there are also several probationers so we have a lot to be rejoicing over. Last night was the end of term and many of our ordinands said farewell to us as they set off to prepare for ordination to the diaconate. On Monday last years deacons will return as part of their preparation for the priesthood. Please pray for them and give thanks that so many want to offer themselves to the service of Christ. Please pray also for Fr Peter and the College staff and all who are engaged in the work of formation for the Ministry. I look forward to seeing many of you on 12th July. Yours in Christ, John CR"

Artist in residence Ian McKillop has arrived at the Community for a six week stay. Among other things, he plans to capture some of the emotion of the psalms. 

From Fr Thomas CR "This week we have on retreat the Company of the Resurrection with us. The ir origins are a bit obscure but they have had a retreat each year, formerly at Hemingford Grey but in recent years, since the sad closure of that lovely place, here. Fr Aidan always gives the retreat and it is a particular pleasure to have them with us. A longish period of trouble with the computers seems to have come to an end but I say ‘seem’, as the experts on these things seem to make as much heavy weather as amateurs do. Peter has got back from a much enjoyed sabbatical and has got back into the stream of things quickly; Nicolas has been away in Romania giving a lecture, Phillip is away on a conference of religious at Swanwick and on Friday we are here for a chapter, which will be quite a full one. The local rector of Dewsbury will be telling us about how they run their foodbank there. It would be good to do something like that here but, as anyone who knows where we live will appreciated, we are not best sited for one. The blossom seems to be setting so there is a hope for a good apple crop; the gooseberries will be less abundant than last year but we may get our first damsons and greengages from trees planted two years ago and blackcurrants from the bushes planted last year. All the apple grafts seem to have taken, although how well only the summer will show (one looks a little sickly with only one leaf showing so far but the variety is one that comes out late). The weather is spring like, so OK for gardening but not for putting washing out. I am told by Mr Clough that the bees are in good shape and friendly insects such as ladybirds seem plentiful".

From Brother Steven CR: “Brethren, Companions and Oblates might be interested to know that Paul Shaw, Central Archivist for the Poor Servants of the Mother of God, will be giving a Talk entitled “A Permanently Troubled Conscience---the life and work of Charles Gore”, first Anglican Bishop of Birmingham on Tuesday 13 May at 1pm on Level 4 of the Central Library of Birmingham in the Heritage Learning Space. The Talk is free but booking is recommended which people can do by phoning 0121 245 4455 (or on-line)".
The latest monthly Newsletter about CR (May) can be read here
April 2014

From Fr Nicolas Stebbing CR: "As we approach Low Sunday the house is filling up with brethren returning from Holy Week commitments and me from Zimbabwe . People often find it strange that as a Community dedicated to the Resurrection we don’t celebrate Easter together. We, however, value the fact that we can celebrate this wonderful feast in parishes with the church at large, whom we try to serve. We then always celebrate the octave Sunday with a festal Eucharist and a bit of a party. Only Peter Alan will be away as he is still on sabbatical and is at this moment with a cousin in Toronto . My time in Zimbabwe was good, sometimes stressful, sometimes very moving. The best part was meeting some of the new children we have recently taken on who are without exception, delightful. The stress was partly from some teenagers who are misbehaving - which is understandable - but when they have no families to care for them can be disastrous. Anyone who would like to know more can look up our page on Facebook which I updated almost every day. The country itself is politically quiet, athough economically very depressed with businesses closing down and unemployment very high. The Anglican church is no longer persecuted yet some of the scars of division are still with us and will take a long time to work through".

CR Companion Vanessa Dixon suddenly found herself in the national press! She found out about it here, the original article being here. Once reason had regained her seat, Vanessa composed a short article about how it happened and her subsequent reflections. This can be found here and is well worth reading.
An Introduction to some of the principal texts of the Daily Office - written by Fr George Guiver, Superior CR, a recently re-discovered document!
A Prayer Guide to the CR grounds has now been published, written by Bruce Carlin. The booklet provides a map of specific locations with specific prayers linked to each. Available from the CR bookshop.
Requiem Mass for Geoff Dignum. Geoff organised for many years the CR Companions Pilgrimages to Walsingham
You can now follow CR on Twitter

From Fr John Gribben CR "My dear Friends, By now most of you will know that the auction was a great success. We raised over £26,000 on the day and with pre- and post-auction sales and gift aid I think we will have reached the magic total of £30,000 and a grand total from the three auctions of £150,000. I am very happy with this. It could not have been achieved without a great deal of help from Companions, Students, Brethren, friends and neighbours. Many companions answered the call to search their attics, many people from West Yorkshire gave donations (this is a moving tribute to a new relationship between the Community and the neighbourhood). I have been given expert help in valuation, advertising and the general business of the auction. In the week of the auction itself volunteers helped in the mammoth task of setting up and monitoring the showroom and all with willingness and humour. If I mention three names it is not because they are more cherished or valued than other helpers but because they have been beside me through all three auctions. Kevin arrived with the content of his garage thus providing the foundation for the first auction, he relayed to you my, sometimes frantic, Auction News (for which Lady Smith expressed her relief) and he became an expert holder upper of objects. Jacob has been my right hand man since he was a novice and he has a great instinct for what might be valuable even when it looks like a candidate for the bin. Adele with her professional touch changed the nature of the auction from the bumblings of an amateur into a solid business and saved me from breakdown several times. I should also mention the star of the show. My brother George is well known in N. Ireland where he is an auctioneer and where he has conducted many charity auctions. He says that we are his favourite and he has genuinely grown to love his expeditions to Mirfield and he asked me to thank everybody. He has been very generous with his advice and time and refuses to take anything for his expenses. The only trouble is - he wants another one! He emailed next day to say ‘never say never’. The same message has come from the many dealers who turned up and spent thousands of pounds on the day. On viewing day someone offered me the contents of his attic ‘for the next one’. I don’t think that I can have another auction in the near future, but neither can I ignore the goodwill that the events have brought to CR nor can I ignore the fact that we still have a long way to go to complete the refurbishment of the church. So what I propose to do is to keep on receiving donations of items, some of which I would sell through George’s and other auctions but I would aim to have an antique and bric-a-brac sale in the summer of 2015 and if enough stuff comes in maybe an auction in 2016. So keep alert I still need your help. But at the moment I’m taking a holiday from it all. I shall be going with the students to Walsingham next week and conducting Holy Week in Bourne St, London followed by a couple of days holiday while I’m down there. Keep me in your prayers as you are in mine and have a blessed Passiontide and Easter. Yours in Christ, John CR"

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The third Grand Auction raised over £26,000 on the day! The latest Fundraising Newsletter can be read here
March 2014

From Fr John Gribben CR: "Dear Companions and friends, I was sad to learn of Geoff Dignum’s death last week. He was a good and faithful Companion and gave a lot of energy and time to the organising of the annual Companion’s pilgrimage to Walsingham. Indeed he had rung me up to consult just two or three days before he died. He has been ill for many years but the end came suddenly and was a surprise. I shall miss his cheerful voice over the telephone. He has gone to the Lord that he loved and served. May he rest in peace. Within a few days now I will be caught up in the auction. It is all very exciting and I believe that we will have a good result. To all of you who have helped or donated things - I give my gratitude. You can still help by spreading the word – especially to your local dealers (especially antiques and books) and please pray for us. My brother has just sold his house and has a very busy work schedule. He will come to us on Friday conduct the auction on Saturday, return to Belfast on Sunday for viewing day in his own auction rooms on Monday. He loves auctions at Mirfield nevertheless we owe him a great deal of thanks for his generosity. I would like to correct one of several errors in a report on Mirfield in the current ‘Church Times’. It was suggested that the money raised at the auction would go to the reconstruction of the Quarry Theatre. This is not true. The theatre will not be funded from the Appeal and it is intended that the results of the auction will be directed towards those things still to be completed in Church especially the screens for the Chapel of Reconciliation. I will try to get out a short note after the auction but if I fail to do so may the blessings of the Passion and Eastertide enrich you all and bring you joy. John CR"

From Fr George Guiver, Superior CR, to the Editor of The Church Times: "Thank you for publishing the article about the restoration of our open-air Theatre on page five of this week's edition of the Church Times. Unfortunately it isn’t accurate - I haven’t said the slightly odd things in the quotation and, more seriously, the auction this coming Saturday is not in aid of the theatre. I am writing just to let you know that we will need to post a correction on our website. I am also writing to the Huddersfield Examiner, which you have quoted. We’re still grateful for the publicity! "
Geoff Dignum, known to many Companions through the annual CR Companions pilgrimage to Walsham, has died. May he rest in peace and rise in glory. His funeral service will be held at St Alban's Cathedral on Friday 4 April at 10.00am with a reception afterwards in the Deanery, to which all are welcome.

Kirklees Council has given planning permission for the refurbishment of the Quarry Theatre. That permission now gives CR the right to complete the work and to hold 14 performances per annum at the theatre. The schedule for the next 12 months is already fairly well established. Work is being started on the access road and theatre this coming September with the likelihood of completion in early 2015. A public meeting is being organised for Saturday 5th April at 10am in the New Refectory. The meeting is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the re-development of the theatre and the plans for its use in the future.

Article from the Yorkshire Post: Church to restore open-air quarry theatre
From Fr Nicolas CR: "Fr George and I were in Rome for a few days last week with a CIR group – the ecumenical congress of religious. We had a fascinating time. I had managed to set up conversations with various people in the Vatican and at the central Benedictine House, Sant Anselmo’s, where we stayed. The re are some very clever and interesting people in Rome and the ones we met all spoke several languages. Our main purpose for being there was to try and push forward ecumenism through the CIR and to find new ways of doing it. We got a lot of ideas on that: one is to organise a symposium (a sort of conference) in Rome to talk with some of the very clever people about the problems of ecumenism. Another from the Abbot Primate was to set up an ongoing theological reflection group. One which I am especially interested in came from the Anglican Centre. Anglicans and Roman Catholics have decided it’s not enough to talk about unity; they must do something as churches together. So they have decided to take up the massive problem of human trafficking. It’s reckoned there are around 29 million slaves in the world – enslaved either for sex or for labour. I want to see if the many communities involved in CIR could take this up as well. We’d hoped to see the Pope privately but that wasn’t possible. However, we went to the general audience in St Peter’s Square and that was fun. We were on the edge but that was OK as he drives around in a small open car, laughing, cracking jokes, kissing babies etc. If you want to get really close you need a baby. Next time I’ll borrow one! The n he gives a short talk and it is translated rather pompously into other languages. You watch that on big screens. The really amusing part was the music they played before and after the audience – Spanish American dance music! I’m told the Pope does the Tango well. Anyway he’s a lovely man and he is having a really good effect on Rome . People we met were relaxed and looking forward to the changes that are clearly coming. Fr George was fun to be with. He speaks Italian fluently which is a help and enjoys working out bus routes and things like that. He also likes shopping so on two days we had picnics in Rome , once in the Villa Borghese gardens and once near the Castle de Angeli, close to St Peter's . George bought a huge amount of food and cheap wine so it was very adequate. Worship at the Benedictine house was mostly in Latin plainsong, quite well sung although I think Fr Peter would have liked to improve it (!). With a hundred monks from 40 different countries it makes sense to use Latin. We had one general mass in French, with Senegalese music and one of our number said a private mass in French so that we could communicate. The downside of being in Rome is demonstrations in the streets. However, I don’t mind them if they don’t disrupt my life and we enjoyed watching one in central Rome while we were waiting for a bus (which came). Next day I came back straight after our talks at the Vatican but others stayed sight seeing and there was a major demo in town which caused all the buses to stop running! The y were hours late getting back on foot".
The latest version of the Auction Catalogue can now be viewed here
February 2014

From Fr Thomas Seville CR "The requiem and funeral of Fr Vincent CR took place on Friday last and, although his brother and sister in law could not get here on account of their own infirmities, his nephew came and shared some photographs and memories with us. The rite was good and fitted a Brother who had had a lot of suffering in his life, to which the Superior made reference in his appreciative homily. What I think is called a good send off. We have three Romanians with us at the moment, with various degrees of English and which I am making efforts to assist. The youngest, who is training for the priesthood in Romania, has discovered C.S. Lewis and is reading the Narnia books with enthusiasm. There are quite a few other guests, either for retreat or for study. Jacob is on holiday, in Portugal; Eric is visiting Fairacres and the Superior and Nicolas are in Rome on an ecumenical conference of religious with the hope of getting the Pope to do a plug for the religious life, which sounds a long shot but they are having interviews and meetings with the various bodies to see if this can be promoted. The wet weather seems to be having a break at the moment, not a moment too soon. I have a clutch of apple maidens to be planted, which I would do at this time normally but the soil is too wet for the roots at this time of year, so I am hoping that the dry spell will last for a bit. Rhubarb is showing amid its chicken muck and promises well. We are still eating Gascoyne’s Scarlet apples and the Bramleys have kept well". 

The third monthly update on what is happening at CR and in the life of the Community can be found here.
Details of the 2014 Companions Day in the south (4 October) and a booking form can be found here. Celebrant: the Rt Revd Mark Sowerby, Bishop of Horsham.
Article by Crispin Harrison CR on Jesus' lament over Jerusalem which appears in the February edition of "New Directions"
Article by Aidan Mayoss CR on the Venetian statue of the Madonna dell'Orto and the motherhood of Mary which appears in the February edition of "New Directions"
Fr Vincent CR died on Valentine's Day morning. Evensong and the reception of his body will be at Mirfield on Thursday 20 February at 6pm. His funeral requiem will be on Friday 21 February at 11.30am.  May he rest in peace and rise in glory.
From Fr Nicolas CR: "At the weekend we had a new venture: St Michaels’ Chorale, a choir from London came to stay for the weekend in order to do some intensive practice. It was their first experience of a monastery - except for the lady who brought them - and they seemed to enjoy it, so we hope we will see them again. It’s good when this space is used for other things by people who also like to be in a monastic ethos. We now have two Romanians staying with us for three months to learn English and generally get to know the Church of England. Like all the Romanians we have had in recent years, they sing beautifully and usually sing during communion at our daily mass. Visitors simply love their unusual but hauntingly beautiful chants. Yesterday we had a visit from Rishworth School choir, a local secondary school. Mostly Br Jacob talked with them about the Community and our way of life but they asked to sing before mass and sang a piece of proper music in several parts, absolutely beautifully. I don’t think I’ve ever heard youngsters outside a Cathedral choir sing that well. It gives one hope for the future that there are still ordinary young people who enjoy music enough to work hard at the real thing. Today, to our delight, two new young priests made their first oblations, as Oblates of the Community. One is Tom Hiney, a former journalist who worked for some time in South Africa and is at the moment finishing a curacy in Dewsbury before going to become an army chaplain. The other is Ben Bradshaw who is well known to CR friends for his visits to Zimbabwe and his amazing fund raising efforts for the Refugees at Tongogara camp. They will be a wonderful addition to our Oblates group and bring down the average age considerably. Tomorrow Fr Peter goes off on three months sabbatical – India, USA and Honolulu will take up most of it but he has promised to do some writing, too, about aspects of music no one else knows much about. Here is a request - I’ve just been invited to a conference in Romania in May and the only way to get there is to take a flight from Luton at 6.30 in the morning. Do any of our CR friends live close enough to Luton for me to spend a night with them and get to the airport at about 5.00 a.m.?".
There are still a few places left on the CR Companions Pilgrimage to Walsingham. Dates: Friday 30 May 2014 (first meal - supper) to Monday 2 June 2014 (last meal - breakfast). Deposit: £30 per head, required as soon as possible please - deadline 28 February 2014. Please send cheques (payable to the Community of the Resurrection) to Geoff Dignum at 11 Copper Beeches, Milton Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 5LW. Do e-mail if you require further details. (Incidentally,  should you not manage to obtain a place you are still most welcome to join our group but you will have had to have made your own accommodation arrangements directly with the Shrine)
Details here and programme here of the spring concert on 2 March
The second monthly update on what is happening at CR and in the life of the Community can be found here.

January 2014

Article by Nicolas Stebbing CR on Nelson Madela's legacy and why we should follow his example of forgiveness which appears in the January edition of "New Directions"
Article by Aidan Mayoss CR on the war dead and our hope for life after death which appears in the January edition of "New Directions"
If you have not yet seen it, do please have a look at this lovely video here, found on You Tube from Ottmar B. Morett: "A walk around the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield"
The latest Appeal Newsletter is here.
The Epiphany intercessions are now on this site: here. These intercessions are updated every quarter so do please return at periodic intervals for the latest list.
The re is a short video here in which CR site manager, Guy Laurie, explains how the re-opened quarry theatre will operate. See also a recent article here from the Huddersfield Daily Examiner

CR Companion Geoff Dignum now has details of this year's pilgrimage to Walsingham, as follows: Dates: Friday 30 May 2014 (first meal - supper) to Monday 2 June 2014 (last meal - breakfast). Meals: Full Board. Total cost: £172.10 per head. Deposit: £30 per head, required as soon as possible please - deadline 28 February 2014. First come, first served as there are only a limited number of placed booked. However, should you not manage to obtain a place you are still most welcome to join our group but you will have had to have made your own accommodation arrangements directly with the Shrine. Initially, please send cheques (payable to the Community of the Resurrection) to Geoff Dignum at 11 Copper Beeches, Milton Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 5LW. Please e-mail if you require further details.

For those who may not have seen the new initiative from the Community, aimed at producing a monthly update as to what is happening at CR and in the life of the Community, the first one can be found here.

There is still room on the Epiphany Retreat which Br Steven Haws will be leading from 10 to 13 January. In addition to the pre-Christmas retreat, traditionally this first retreat of the New Year has been one for Companions. What better way to commence 2014 than with a retreat at CR? The cost is £150 for the full weekend retreat. If you are interested please contact the Guest Brother at:

The Companions List has now been fully updated, courtesy of Linda Blenkinship. Please click here for the latest version.  
Following in the footsteps of CR Companions Donna Fletcher Crow, Alan Wilkinson and Fred Fault, another CR Companion has now published a book! Details can be found here. Some UK Anglican Religious Communities are mentioned in the book (including CR).

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