Companions of the Community of the Resurrection (CCR)

Overseas Companions   

Fr Eric Simmons CR in Barbados

In addition to Companions across the UK , there are many overseas Companions who are equally a part of the charism of CR. The y include individuals living in locations across Europe, Africa, India , Asia, Australasia, the Pacific Isles, the United States of America and Canada .

If you are an Overseas Companion, please make contact as we would love to publish some profiles here and learn about life in your country.

  • From a Companion in Canada : "Thank you again for the web site and for sharing this kind of information. It really is a treat to have a better idea of what is going on". 
  • From a Companion in South Africa : "I appreciate the effort you take in informing me about what is happening. I really feel part of the group".

Read the CR Journey of Overseas Companion Donna Crow and how her relationship with CR led to is the development of " The Monastery Murders".