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  • * NEW * Companions Leaflet
  • A letter from a Companion (July 2011)
  • Report of the CCR London meeting on 7 November 2009, including Fr Nicolas' resume of how Companions can reflect the Community's characteristics
  • List of points in response to questions posed at the 2009 Companions Day here
  • Resume of Fr George's Closing Address to the Companions Day 2008
  • Shaping the Church - Philip Atherton's original proposals for a network of CR cells, linked through the internet
  • CR West Yorkshire Local Group (Ripon and Leeds ) - Minutes of Meeting 14 November, 2007
  • Comments from the Companions and Associates Day 2007 (from the 12 May 2007 gathering at Mirfield, reflecting on the way the CR family would develop and the areas which the people present thought important

The Anglican Religious Life generally

Re-ordering/Building project

  • * NEW * Monks scale back 'futuristic' design for new monastery at Community of the Resurrection in Mirfield - article from the Huddersfield Daily Examiner
  • Photographs here from the CR Grand Auction held 10 November 2012
  • CR Church - a brief guide: leaflet about the Community church July 2012
  • A MUST SEE Video of Fr George's and the CR Novice's fund raising bike ride to commemorate Charles Gore here
  •   Video of the newly refurbished church
  • Details of the planning application (including plans etc) for the new Monastery can be found here
  • Photographs here and here taken by Paul David Deakin show the newly refurbished church being prepared for the first act of worship, Solemn Evensong, on the day after the church was handed back to the Community from the builders. Paul's blog can be found here.
  • Photographs of the Community Church less than two weeks before being handed back to the Community following re-ordering and re-furbishment
  • * A MUST SEE * Video of Fr George's bike ride from Monkwearmouth to Mirfield
  • Photographs from the Auction held of 22 October can be seen here  
  • Plans for new Monastery go to Kirklees Council - as reported by the BBC here
  • 'Audacious' - but its going ahead - article from The Mirfield Reporter 29 July 2011 about the proposed new Monastery
  •   Futuristic Monastery get go ahead in Mirfield - article from The Huddersfield Daily Examiner 22 July 2011
  • Photographs of the exterior in of the Community Church in July 2011 during the refurbishment work
  • Photographs of the interior of the Community Church during the refurbishment work - Spring 2011
  • Is there cash in the monastery attic? Article from the Mirfield Reporter
  • Equipping Mirfield to Serve the Church - letter from Fr George Guiver, Superior CR in The Church Times 24 December 2010
  • Consistory Court Judgment re costs
  • A full copy of the Consistory Court Chancellor's Judgment is here
  • Article from the Church Times 13 December: "Mirfield Brethren permitted to get warm" here
  • Concern over new monastery design for Mirfield - from the Victorian Society's website
  • Following recent press coverage the Community has produced a paper discussing the issues which necessitate the proposed reordering of the church. Click here to read the summary.
  • The levelling of Mirfield Church - article from the Daily Telegraph 14 November 2009
  • Letters regarding proposed reordering at Mirfield from the Superior 's Council and the Rev Wealands Bell published in the Church Times 13 November 2009
  • Letter written by Vanessa Dixon, CR Companion, to the Church Times in response to the letter published on 6 November
  • "Concern over planned re-ordering at Mirfield" - a letter from the Church Times of 6 November 2009
  • Letter published in " The Mirfield Reporter" - "Think again over Mirfield church"
  • A selection of Powerpoint slides shown at the annual Companions Day showing the proposed new monastery can be found here (large file). 
  • Powerpoint presentation given at the 2009 Companions Day here (large file ). This shows how a photograph of a spark of light emanating from a sparkler became the inspiration for the revolutionary redesign of the Community church

Obituaries etc

  • * NEW * Sermon preached by Fr George Guiver, Superior CR, at the Funeral Requiem of Vincent Girling CR, 21 February 2014
  • Sermon preached by Fr George Guiver, Superior, at the Funeral Requiem of Dominic Whitnall CR on 1 July 2013
  • Sermon preached by Fr George Guiver, Superior CR, at the Funeral Requiem of Timothy Stanton CR 1917-2013 on 1 February 2013
  • Sermon preached by Fr George Guiver, Superior, at the Funeral Requiem of Andrew Norton CR on 18 December 2012
  • Obituary from the Church Times for long term CR Companion Mary Ullyot
  • Sermon preached by Peter CR at the Requiem Mass for Br Zachary on 24 September, 2010
  • The Right Rev Anselm Genders - Obituary which was published in The Daily Telegraph on 26 June, 2008
  • Father Benedict Green - Obituary which was published in the Church Times on 2 November, 2007
  • Father Benedict Green - Service Booklet for Funeral Requiem which took place at Mirfield on 19 September, 2007: Pages 1 and 8    Pages 2 and 7    Pages 3 and 6    Pages 4 and 5

CR - Historical

CR Report and Accounts

Photographs of other Anglican Religious Communities

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