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Vocations to the Religious Life  


"Many who are drawn to visit communities speak of them as a still point in the midst of a hurricane or as a pool of water in a dried up river bed of receding faith. Such a role is part of their calling but it has to be seen in terms of networks. Communities need to be in touch with those struggling on the margins, ordinary Christians seeking to live their faith at home and work, clergy living with inadequate frames of support. Religious communities themselves straddle the boundaries already. Not all have abbey churches and echoing plainsong. One of the best kept secrets of the church is the thousands of sisters and brothers working away in small groups of two or three, or even alone, at the service of the sick, the homeless, addicts, the abused and the oppressed" - Fr George Guiver, Superior, Community of the Resurrection


If you feel a sense of call to the Religious Life or would just like to find out more, please visit, initially, the Vocations page on CR's main website here.